Of Course You Have a Truck Don't You?

I've had a pickup truck for most of my driving life.  There have been times over the years when I did not have one, but they were times of inconvenience.  For example, I play music in a band, and when I didn't have my truck I had a hard time hauling my equipment around from show to show.  Then of course there were the times I needed to make a dump run, or move from one house to another, or help a friend with a couch. 

When you have a truck you take these things for granted.  Just the other day for instance, my wife suggested I go get a load of tan bark for the back yard.  Not a problem.  My son wanted to take his bike over a friend's.  Piece of cake.  Try doing these things without a truck. 

I do like cars, and as long as I can afford both a car and a truck I'll have one, but if something ever has to go it will most certainly be the car.  Be good to your truck.  And if you don't have one, GET ONE!   

Written by Phil Greene