The CURT Triflex Brake Control

The CURT Triflex Brake Control
Product # 51140

- Triple-axis motion sensing accelerometer for highly responsive, smooth stops
- Third axis provides precise, automatic brake strength adjustment when going up or down an incline
- Digital display shows adjustments in .1 increments
- Nine levels of "boost" allow for customized braking power
- Sensitivity adjustment for varying trailer loads or driving conditions
- Adjustable power output
- Designed for dual polarity and short circuit protection
- Operates 2-8 brakes
- On/Off switch for manual lever stoplight activation
- Compatible with anti-lock brakes and cruise control
- Compact size: 3 1/4" wide, 4"deep, 7/8" tall
- One of the smallest brake controls available without sacrificing features
- Mounting hardware included
- Mounts in a variety of angles above or below your dash to increase unit accessibility and display readability
- Automatic leveling and calibration, not setup required
- Auto Sleep mode, prevents battery drain after 30 minutes of idle time
- May be used in conjunction with low voltage or pulse-width modulation systems
- Low voltage and disconnect indicators
- Limited lifetime warrenty