Undercover Ridgelander - the Ultimate Truck Bed Cover for Winter Sports

The RidgeLander by UnderCover is the go anywhere, do anything truck bed cover system. Each Ridgelander comes standard with four Quick Mount Legs, two Vortex Bars, and the Tango Track System. Its built-in perimeter track system on the top of the bed cover allows for unique, personal customization. With over 35 RidgeLander-approved Rhino Rack accessories the design possibilities are endless – making it the most dynamic truck bed cover to hit the market.

The RidgeLander will work with most T-slot accessories from Rhino Rack, Yakima and more. Roof Top Tents can also be used with the support of a third crossbar to provide optimal weight distribution. The RidgeLander also comes equipped with a single point locking system, built-in multifaceted weather seals to help keep the elements out of the truck bed. Lastly, the RidgeLander is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum and has a textured powder-coat finish.

The USA-made truck bed cover system is easy to take on and off and does not require a drill for installation. The RidgeLander is also backed by a three-year warranty.

Whether you’re the daily driver or adventurous thrill-seeker, the Ridgelander is a truck bed cover system without boundaries or limitations.