How to Install and Use Your Superchips Flashcal for JL

Installing your Flashcal for JL Wrangler® includes a new jumper module. Be sure review these step by step directions prior to enjoying your tire and gear adjustment functions. Install is easy and will have you up and running in just minutes!


CURT Custom Wiring & Taillight Converters Introduction

If a vehicle is not equipped with factory-installed trailer wiring, CURT offers two options: custom wiring or a taillight converter.

Within custom wiring, there are two more options: custom wiring harnesses and custom wiring connectors. A custom wiring harness uses multiple vehicle-specific plugs and connects to the vehicle’s electrical system through the taillights. On the other hand, a custom wiring connector uses only one vehicle-specific plug.

Despite their basic installation differences, custom wiring harnesses and custom wiring connectors are fairly similar. Both feature an easy, plug-and-play design, and both typically provide a standard 4-way flat output. If custom wiring is not available for a particular vehicle application, a taillight converter may be required.


CURT Bike Racks Introduction

Each CURT bike rack is hitch-mounted and made to fit any one and a quarter to two inch receivers.

CURT offers a variety of bike rack styles with capacities ranging from two to five bikes, depending on the model. These designs include the standard, premium, clamp-on, and tray-style. For the tray-style design, larger trays are available to accommodate fat tire bikes.

The majority of CURT bike racks are built with a tilt-away access feature, have foldable arms for compact storage, and include a threaded anti-wobble shank to help prevent bikes from swaying during travel.

CURT also offers a towable shank that allows the use of the bike rack while towing a trailer.


WeatherTech Seat Back Protector: Overview

Check out the WeatherTech Seat Back Protector. The protector is the ideal first line of defense against ingrained dirt, mud, snow, spills, scuff marks and whatever else the kiddos can get their feet into. For added storage, each protector includes four pockets.


CURT Goosneck Hitches Introduction

CURT gooseneck hitches can be broken into two main categories: under-bed and over-bed.

Under-bed hitches include the Double Lock EZr, OEM-style, original Double Lock, Quick Goose II, and the Under-bed Folding Ball gooseneck Hitches. The over-bed goosenecks include the Fixed Ball, and the Over-bed Folding Ball Gooseneck hitches. All hitches are tested to SAE J2638 standards for safety.

CURT also offers OEM Gooseneck Ball and Safety Chain Anchor Kits for Ford, GM, Nissan, and Ram, as well as the X5 Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel adapter plates, and gooseneck hitches that are compatible with already installed 5th wheel rails.


BEDSLIDE LifeTime Warranty

We build BEDSLIDE®/Takit products to work as hard as you do. To make sure they’re doing just that, we offer a comprehensive 5-YEAR warranty on ALL BEDSLIDE® products and an extended LIFETIME WARRANTY with product registered within 30 days of purchase to help you sleep at night.


CURT Trailer Parts & Accessories Introduction

CURT offers everything needed to keep a trailer in optimal condition.

These accessories include couplers, jacks, and hand winches in a variety of styles to accommodate virtually any type of trailer.

For a secure load, safety chains, hooks, cables, cargo straps, rings and tie down anchors are available. CURT also provides breakaway kits to provide peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

Finally, various sizes of wheel bearings and protectors are available to keep any trailer running smoothly, and wheel chocks add stability whenever needed.


BEDSLIDE Reach Anything

No more crawling around to get to your tools, gear, or supplies. Simply grab the handle, pull, and the BEDSLIDE rolls all of your stuff out to you--saving time, effort, and back pain.


Yakima [] SingleSpeed Bike Rack [] Product Tour

Light, strong, and always ready to roll, the SingleSpeed hitch rack is built for solo travel. Ready for any kind of bike – road, mountain, fat, or BMX – the StrongArm hook ensures your bike is secure and protected, holding the bike tight by the wheels, and babying those carbon frames and painted surfaces. The locking SpeedKnob™ makes install a breeze & an integrated SKS bike lock is included to keep your two wheeler secure.