So You Are Looking For a Trailer Tow System?

The first question is always, what is the hitch going on and how much weight do you intend on towing? There are several classes of hitches, Class 1 through Class 5. Each one has a weight rating. Class 1 is up to 1500 lbs and Class 5 is up to 15,000 lbs with trailer and vehicle equipped properly. All hitches have a tow weight which is the maximum pull strength for the hitch and tongue weight which is the downward weight and the capacity can increase with weight distribution systems or, as they are commonly called, equalizer bars. Not only is the hitch limited to certain weights, all the accessories are also limited to weight.

The three components that make up the towing system are the hitch, the ball mount and the ball. Each of these items has a weight limit. So, let’s say that your hitch has a 6,000 lb rating, your ball mount has a 5,000 lb rating and your ball is rated at 6,000 lbs. The weak point is the ball mount at 5,000 lbs. This is a common problem. It is always important to make sure you explain and choose the correct parts for towing trailers with all accessories having a compatible weight rating. Read more...


Bed Slide Products

Never, ever, climb into the back of your truck on your hands & knees again!!!


Running Boards & Steps

We sell a wide variety of different kinds of running boards from molded fiberglass painted to match the truck, to aluminum. We also sell a variety of steps including disappearing steps that are out of the way until you need them.


Nike Sprinter Conversion

2007 Dodge Sprinter nice golf mobile showroom conversion with shoe display rack, front driver side cooler and housing for auxiliary battery system. Rear slat wall display with bag storage along passenger side wall on raised platform.
Overhead storage above driver and passenger seat and loads of hidden storage in the rear. A great little traveling showroom!

This entire conversion was done on premises at Vaca Valley Truck & SUV, 1240 Callen Street, Vacaville, CA. Call Today for your conversion! 707-447-9905


How To Choose a Ball Mount & Ball - Hitchinfo.com

http://www.hitchinfo.com In this video you will be introduced to The Hitch Guys™. Travis and Nichole will show you the correct way to properly select a ball mount and ball that will work best for your towing setup, ensuring that you get everything you need the first time. This will be the first of many informative how to videos from The Hitch Guys™. Courtesy of CURT Manufacturing Inc. Become a fan http://www.facebook.com/hitchinfo


Truck Attempted Breakin Foiled By Roll-n-Lock

http://www.rollnlock.com Video of a thief trying to break into one of the most secure tonneau covers made. Roll-N-Lock manufactures vinyl-over-aluminum retractable truck bed covers for most pickups. Truck Bed Secured!