Truck Accessories Can Add Value, Looks, and Convenience

Are you wanting to add value and give your truck or SUV a personal and unique look? Adding Truck Accessories can do both. Dress up your ride with the almost unlimited supply of Truck Accessories available on the market. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of great aftermarket accessories available to meet your specific wants and needs.

First, decide where you want to start. Are you looking for something to tweak and dress up the exterior of your truck? Something special that will give your ride a unique, stylish and personal custom look and set your vehicle apart from others on the road?

A good place to start might be by adding a custom grill or grill guard. Adding an aftermarket grill or grill guard will give your truck a distinct look. There are many different styles you can choose from, depending on your personal choice or taste.

Try adding Truck Accessories such as running boards, or step rails. They not only will change your ride's look, but they can also assist you and your passengers up into your truck, especially if you have a 4X4 or have added a lift kit. You can choose from chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, painted, tube style, and step style.

Adding a Tonneau Cover or Truck Bed Cover will add functionality and give your ride a stylish and custom look. Truck lids will also protect your cargo from the elements and can help to improve your gas mileage, sometimes as much as 11%! There are basically two different types of covers; hard covers and soft covers. You can make your selection from many different styles, such as; roll up, retractable, hinged, or folding.

Maybe you are wanting Truck Accessories that will improve and add convenience to your truck's interior. Adding nice set of floor mats will help your ride look clean and fresh and will also protect your floor and carpet. Need a convenient place to store some of your maps and gadgets? Check out the many different styles of consoles that can easily be added to your trucks interior. For looks plus protection, add a dash mat or a set of seat covers. For more conveniences, you might add a cup holder, CD holder, visor caddy, or even a GPS device and radar detector. Whatever type of truck accessory you are looking for, there are many different sources available to you..

Remember, by adding your personal choice of unique Truck Accessories, you not only can add value, but you can also add beauty and functionality to your personal ride.

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Tonneau Covers: Past and Present

When you have a pickup truck, it is much more than a set of wheels to travel in. In fact, it is often viewed as both transportation and a tool with which to get a job done. However, as a "tool" your pickup truck bed frequently takes a bit of abuse. But, thanks to products like tonneau covers, you can protect your truck bed. But have you ever given thought to how the tonneau covers came to be? After all, it's not as if they have always been in use! Here is a brief history of tonneau covers.

Tonneau is actually a French word meaning barrel, cask or container. They were originally designed to serve as a protective cover for unoccupied passenger seats in convertibles, roadsters or pickup trucks. It was an optional element that allowed the vehicle's owner to use or remove at their convenience. They were first used in Europe, but were eventually manufactured in the US by Cadillac in 1910. Like today, the covers came in both a soft or hard version and opened using a hinging mechanism or by rolling up. Of course, as time has moved on, so have the tonneau covers and today they are used primarily for pickup trucks.

With time, it was found that covers offer more than just a protective covering for one's vehicle, although this is certainly a great reason to have a tonneau cover installed in your truck. Tests have discovered that a vehicle with a tonneau cover has minimal buffering, the turbulence caused when wind/air passes over the windshield, regardless of the speed at which one is traveling. In addition, some tonneau covers, in particular those that help insulate the cab of the truck, are capable of helping to retain heat and some are even designed so that they help reduce the amount of UV exposure the driver receives.

Tonneau covers come in a variety of styles and materials. The most commonly found are those made from cloth or vinyl that is stretch tautly then either snapped into place or held in place using a rolling system. A retractable cover is also made that is designed to be mounted to the truck and then retracts from the tailgate to the back of the cab. The retractable system is considered by many to be the most convenient, especially if you are not always concerned about covering the truck bed. For a heavy-duty tonneau, one will want a cover made from fiberglass or hard plastic. These heavier covers like the retractable ones, can be locked, but added bonuses, are that the hard tonneau covers can be designed to match the truck, can be designed to rise vertically or even to have multiple compartments.

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2012 Chevrolet Accessories Custom - Vaca Valley Truck and SUV

Kevin goes over a tricked out 2012 Chevrolet with an A.R.E LSX tonneau cover, Biltech 5/7 lowering kit, stainless cab steps and custom carpet kit. See more at http://www.vacavalleytruck.com


Extang EnCore Features and Benefits - 2013

Simple: Our new low profile, hard panel tri-fold offers easy access from both front and rear. The Encore cover is self-positioning for pain free installation and self-latching for extra security. Engineered rear latch locks the cover at the tailgate; handled front panel has a separate rotary latch and programmable BOLT® lock to match your OEM ignition key.

Superior: Extang engineered 1-inch thick panels are FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) for superior UV protection and thermal stability. Textured OEM panels, powder coated frame and rubber corners are ExtangTuff to resist dents and scratches. The EnCore's ALL NEW flexible hinge system is ultra-strong, water resistant and provides superior performance!


Improve Your Ford F550 and Ram 5500 Suspensions with New SumoSprings

Carpinteria, Calif. (March 11, 2013) SuperSprings International introduces new "fit-it-and-forget-it" suspension enhancements for two of the most versatile vocational trucks on the market. Rear SumoSprings, the company’s "airless airbags," are now available for the Ford F550 (P/N SSR-104) and Ram 5500 (P/N SSR-303).

Composed of microcellular urethane, SumoSprings increase load-carrying capacity, provide a smooth load engagement, reduce side-to-side body roll and improve ride. Unlike an airbag, they are completely maintenance-free and do not expand outward when compressed.

Since there is no air bladder, SumoSprings will never burst or sag due to leaks. Owners will never have to add air or maintain compressor lines. SumoSprings have been tested in the harshest environments and will perform in temperatures ranging from minus 25 F to 200 F.

"SumoSprings are truly a ‘fit-it-and-forget-it’ solution for fleets of all sizes," said Mike Visser, president of SuperSprings International. "They install easily and can be left untouched for the life of the vehicle. We’ve tested SumoSprings across a variety of industry platforms and found that the trucks tend to wear out before their SumoSprings do."

Introduced in 2009, SumoSprings are available in front and rear versions for trucks, SUVs and RVs. The new applications are mounted to the rear suspensions of the 2005-2013 Ford F550 and 2007-2013 Ram 5500 using the existing factory holes drilled for the OE bump stops. No additional drilling or fabrication is required. Typical installation takes an hour or less using standard tools.

"Since the SumoSprings urethane compound doesn’t change, designing the new applications was just a matter of figuring out how to best arrange the brackets," said Visser. "The F550 and 5500 are utilized in many industries and there’s a SumoSprings benefit for nearly every use. If you have a dump or flatbed truck, they level the vehicle when loaded and prevent harsh bottoming out. On heavy emergency, road-rail and tow trucks, SumoSprings reduce sag and side-to-side body roll. For armored vehicles, we frequently pair SumoSprings with our SuperSprings leaf spring enhancers. We even provide them in single packs for bucket and crane trucks that might only need support in one corner."

Some airbag-replacement products utilize rubber, but microcellular urethane has multiple advantages. It progressively compresses under load, providing the best possible ride in all conditions. Each SumoSpring can be compressed by 80 percent of its original height with full memory rebound, offering better performance and long-term durability than competing systems. Plus, SumoSprings cost significantly less than their rubber counterparts.

SuperSprings International offers fleets a 30-day evaluation program. Fleets interested in trying SumoSprings can test a set for 30 days. If not satisfied during that time, they can return it at no charge.

Other Rear SumoSprings applications are available for the Ford F250, F350, F450, E350 and E450; Ram 2500, 3500, 4500, Sprinter 2500 and Sprinter 3500; GMC/Chevrolet Sierra/Silverado 2500HD, 3500HD and Savana/Express 2500, 3500 and 4500. All SumoSprings are made in the U.S.A.

For more information about SumoSprings or any of the other suspension-enhancing products available for work trucks from SuperSprings International, visit www.supersprings.com or call (866) 898-0720.

About SuperSprings International
SuperSprings International produces a full line of suspension-enhancing products for load-carrying vehicles. The company was founded in 1996 to manufacture the original SuperSpring self-adjusting leaf suspension stabilizer, and later expanded to include microcellular urethane components. The urethane is utilized in SumoSprings "airless airbags" and SuperSway-Stops. SuperSprings International is based in Carpinteria, Calif. It is a member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and the NTEA.


Superchips TrailDash

Superchips TrailDash is the most advanced Jeep vehicle programmer on the market today.


Extang Encore Tonno Cover

The Extang Encore Tonno Cover has a lot of cool features and will look great on your truck!


CURT - Cargo Carriers

2013 CURT Cargo Carriers/Racks featuring aluminum, great light-weight efficiency. Carriers connect in 2" or 1 1/4" receiver tubes. Most carriers feature a folding-shank for convenience and safety.