A.R.E. LS2 Tonneau Cover On New 2014 GMC 1500 Crew Cab w/Extra Short Bed

Kevin is showing a recent job on a new body style 2014 GMC 1500 Crew Cab. On this job, he installed a painted to match A.R.E. LS2 Tonneau Cover and Kevin talks about the quality of the cover and seal and how it looks great on the truck when completed.

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Bass Fishing Tip with Biffle HardHead

Rainy summer day on Table Rock Lake and UnderCover Sportsman, Mike Lucas found some afternoon largemouth bass when he switched to his Strike King Rage twin tail Menace hooked up on a Biffle HardHead Jig...

When the fish are feeding on crawdad this bait is a great go-to for any fisherman. It makes good noise and emulates great movement when rock crawling in deep or shallow waters. Mike paints the tails red to flash some color when the HardHead moves.


Trusting Flex on the Farm

Managing 760 acres of farm land, Flex user, Mark B. knows the importance of protecting and maintaing his equipment. Rain is gold to any farmer but weather elements can ruin anything you keep in an open truck bed. Mark needed a cover that was easy to access, easy to operate, and worked in tandem with his 5th wheel. The cover also need to be weather-tight so he could haul his materials across his land without having to go back to the barn... We caught up with him on a rainy day on the farm: is your cover ready for any weather?

The UnderCover Flex is in high demand... Not only by farmers, but also by pick-up truck drivers nation wide. It's versatility suits truck drivers of any lifestyle: it's simple to install, simple to operate, and simply the best hard folding cover on the market.


A.R.E. V-Series Shell and BedRug On 2014 Chevy 1500 Crew Cab

Kevin shows off a recent job installing an A.R.E. V-Series Camper Shell or Truck Cap with a BedRug on the new body style 2014 Chevy 1500 Crew Cab with the extra short bed. Kevin points out the high quality and attention to detail of the A.R.E. product and how the fit and finish is such a great match to the fit and finish of the truck itself. He also points out the drop down front window which allows the cleaning of the truck rear window and front side of the shell window. What a benefit that is!

This A.R.E. V-Series Shell is an excellent value and full of great features. See more at http://www.VacaValleyTruck.com, or call 707-447-9905 and talk to Kevin!


A.R.E. X-Series Shell With BedRug On Extra Short Bed GMC Crew Cab 1500 Pickup

Kevin shows off a beautiful 2013 GMC 1500 Crew Cab with extra short bed after the installation of a paint-matched A.R.E. X-Series Camper Shell or Truck Cap and how it compares to the higher end Z-Series Shell. This installation also includes a BedRug, Carpeted ceiling, and quick disconnect wiring connection. Kevin points out the quality, fit and finish, and function of the X-Series Shell.

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2014 Ultimate Heavy-Duty Challenge: What We Hate

If you've read the stories from our 2014 Ultimate Heavy-Duty Challenge (three-quarter-ton gas engines and one-ton dualie turbo-diesels), you know that we spent quite a bit of time with each of the pickup trucks in our head-to-head comparison. In that time we drove each vehicle on many different surfaces, in many different conditions through five different states, so we were able pick out many of the things we liked and many things we didn't like.


2014 Ultimate Heavy-Duty Challenge: What We Like

Here's Cars.com Detroit Bureau Chief Aaron Bragman discussing what we liked and appreciated during our five-state and two-week tour with these HD pickups during our 2014 Challenge.


A.R.E. V-Series Shell with Allure Roof Rack On Toyota Tacoma Double Cab

Kevin is showing a job for an avid hunter where an A.R.E. V-Series Camper Shell or Truck Cap with no frills is matched to a HD Allure Aluminum Rack on the shell. The interior is easily cleaned after a hunting trip and having the dogs in the back. The rack allows for carrying heavier things than other shell racks, and it is all inexpensive and yet has the full quality of all the A.R.E. products.

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A.R.E. CX-Series Shell On 2013 Toyota Tundra Double Cab

Kevin, owner of Vaca Valley Truck & SUV shows us a recent installation of an A.R.E. CX-Series shell or truck cap in matching color mounted on a 2013 Toyota Tundra Double Cab with the extra short bed. This unit has 31% tinted glass, aluminum frames for the glass and rear door. It also has the Yakima rack system installed.

In addition, this unit has the Wise Industries Bed-Rug, and a drop front sliding window so the glass between the truck and shell can easily be cleaned. Special LED lighting inside the shell makes it easy to see things anywhere in the truck bed at night.

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FLW Angler JT Kenney Installs & Reviews UnderCover FLEX

Being an FLW Angler, (and avid hunter) JT Kenney demands a lot from his truck, AND his tonneau cover. That's why as soon as he picked up his new 15' Chevy 2500 he sought out UnderCover for his Flex.

He was surprised how quick and easy the install was, and then he took some time with us to review the features that attracted him most to the Flex cover.

In short, the UnderCover Flex is the best cover for any angler, or outdoor sportsman on the market. This hard tri-folding cover allows easy access to your truck bed while provided secured storage space to allow your truck to be used... well.. as a truck. The Flex also mounts flush with your trucks bed rails; a perfect look & finish for any truck bed.