Truck Accessories Survival

Truck accessory store owner has new way to boost sales in these troubling times.


The Difference Between Truck Accessories and Gimmick Accessories Sellers Claim Are OEM Replacements

There are many different things that come under the term truck accessories. Accessories can generally be divided into two groups; classic and gimmick. Both groups hold practical and clever innovations, but the classical truck accessories are the usual standard type of accessories, whilst the gimmicks are, well, gimmicks!

Classical accessories include things like seat covers, floor mats, and the like. These are all ways which will help keep the truck neat and tidy. Seat covers will catch any bits of dirt and crumbs that fall, and prevent them from getting stuck in the folds and seams of the seats of the truck. They can then be removed and shaken out, so that the truck remains clean. Many seat covers are waterproof too, which prevents the truck's seats from getting stained and moldy. Moreover, depending on the material of the seat covers, the covers could be machine washable too, making it so simple to give the seat covers a thorough clean.

Floor mats also help to maintain a neat truck. The mats will collect the rain and mud from footwear, and stop the carpet of the truck from getting stained and spoiled. Some floor mats are more waterproof than others, but generally the mats themselves will be able to keep clean too. Mats are easy to take in and out of the car, and bang out when they get too dusty or dirty.

The type of truck accessories that are considered gimmicks are mini ovens, kettles, toasters etc. They too are extremely practical since long journeys in the truck could cause gaping holes in drivers stomachs. Having a 'kitchen' on board means that drivers can stop anywhere they like without having to look for a service station and pay the high prices there.

These sorts of truck accessories work from the regular 12V cigarette lighter in the truck. Many of them have mounting kits to ensure full safety whilst driving. truck accessories like these are relatively inexpensive to buy as they are small and compact. They are also uncomplicated devices, for example, the portable oven will come with one heat setting and a fifteen minute timer. This is a simple, easy to use accessory, perfect for hungry drivers on the go.

Coffee brewers, fridges, and all these things come in small sizes, and do the job. They don't have all these amazing extras like the home ones, but then again, the truck is not a home. Drivers have found these accessories life savers when stuck in rush hour, or long lines of traffic. At least they have a warm drink or cold can of coke to keep them going.

The list and choice of the different truck accessories is endless. Truck owners enjoy kitting themselves out with all their cabin's essentials, for life on the road.

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Vaca Valley Truck & SUV

Part one of an interview with Vaca Valley Truck & SUV owner Kevin Snedeker


Christmas Truck Parade

Every year Victoria, BC The Island Equipment Owners Association (IEOA) has a lighted truck parade, quite something to see, this year was no exception. Hope you enjoy the ride.


Pick Up Truck Bed Covers Present A Terrific Storage Space Fix

Pick up truck bed covers are usually protective truck tops that connect to the pickup cargo box of virtually any pickup. Some of these operate to make the pickup truck a little bit more sleek as well as supplying a secured storage area in the cargo area of one's vehicle. Several models are offered. Many such accessories tend to be hard lids loaded with hinged door sections on top providing the individual entry directly into the truck's cargo area.

A lot of additional truck bed covers for pickup trucks can be elevated and strung in the air by aluminum or conceivably fiberglass rods, similar to the posts that keep almost all motorized vehicle hoods held up. Other variations retract into a sleek canister at the front of the cargo area. Many possess a paneled top, where panels can to go underneath other parts enabling truck owners to stow or clear away cargo from the pickup bed. Similar designs are manufactured implementing pliable material like tent canvas and roll-up if individuals need in order to attain entry into the pickup's cargo box.

Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks...
* increase gas mileage via reducing the effects of wind resistance or "drag"
* shelter truck box possessions from the starting point of stormy climate
* cover up possessions out of the spying eyesight of burglars
* provide your present-day pickup together with an exquisite modern appearance
* appreciably increase the complete valuation of your automobile
* and so much more!

Such truck bed covers strengthen your passenger truck's resistance to the wind, and, consequently, heightens the pickup's acceleration capabilities. Given that pick up bed covers close off the storage area, rushing air will not be swirling about the enclosed storage space, causing potentially destructive havoc. Previously, these vehicle owners had the opportunity to replace the classic metal tail gate making use of some sort of plastic-type or rubberized netting to increase wind resistance.

Even though such options may reduce wind resistance, they tend not to promote the same protection regarding merchandise inside the cargo area like a well-made truck topper. A net is nowhere nearly as durable as the secure tail gate and also might wear out way more easily. Such fabric tailgate enclosures could also become unhitched, permitting stuff to take flight out of the cargo area the second your vehicle accelerates to highway speed. A tailgate net, at the same time, affects your vehicle's appearance, causing it to appear shoddy and substandard. Pickup tops along with truck bed covers render a ton more protected storage space while providing a high quality look and feel.

Merging stability and also cosmetic appeal, pick up truck bed covers are almost always a fantastic solution for almost any passenger truck owner.

Tonneau covers for pickup trucks, one of present day's most trendy truck add-ons, come in a range of handy and high quality applications. Hard or soft, folding or retractable.
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WEATHER GUARD Van Storage Solutions + Ford Transit

Recorded on November 8, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. For all your Weatherguard needs, call Kevin at 707-447-9905.


Of Course You Have a Truck Don't You?

I've had a pickup truck for most of my driving life.  There have been times over the years when I did not have one, but they were times of inconvenience.  For example, I play music in a band, and when I didn't have my truck I had a hard time hauling my equipment around from show to show.  Then of course there were the times I needed to make a dump run, or move from one house to another, or help a friend with a couch. 

When you have a truck you take these things for granted.  Just the other day for instance, my wife suggested I go get a load of tan bark for the back yard.  Not a problem.  My son wanted to take his bike over a friend's.  Piece of cake.  Try doing these things without a truck. 

I do like cars, and as long as I can afford both a car and a truck I'll have one, but if something ever has to go it will most certainly be the car.  Be good to your truck.  And if you don't have one, GET ONE!   

Written by Phil Greene



Is a Camper Shell Right for Your Rig?

Ah, the pickup truck. That open payload in the rear gives you the freedom to haul everything from bricks to gravel to your convertible bed. But, that open payload also leaves your gear and furniture exposed to the elements and the sticky fingers of parking lot bandits.

A lot of truck owners opt to install a camper shell because they want to safeguard their stuff from Mother Nature's wrath and good-for-nothing crooks. However, this cuts down on their pickups' versatility. You can't exactly pack a full-size reproduction of the statue, Laocoon and His Sons, into your payload when it's sporting a truck cap. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to camper shells, so consider these pros and cons before you make the investment.


Protection: Hands down - camper shells give you the most protection against nasty weather and parking lot Vikings. Because they're lined with an insulated seal, rain water and slushy sleet should not be able to infiltrate your truck bed. And, the lockable latches on their access doors stop all but the most determined burglars from burgling your valuables.

Better MPGs: Camper shells improve your truck's aerodynamics and can improve your fuel economy. You may not have known this, but your open payload is killing your MPGs. When air flows over your cockpit, it spills into your bed, hits your tailgate and creates drag. With a camper shell in place, air breezes smoothly across the roof instead of smacking into the back.


Less carrying capacity: Your truck bed is always constrained by its length and its width, but it also becomes constrained by height when you add a camper shell. Instead of having open skies overhead, there will be a fiberglass roof limiting the cargo that'll fit. Because of a shell's bulky size, lifting it on and off every time you've got a couch to move is just not practical, especially in impromptu moving situations like when you stumble across a free mattress in an alley. Of course, there are truck cap racks available to give you more room up top.

Extra weight: Don't let the word "shell" trick you - camper shells are hardly as dainty as an egg. These sturdy truck caps are constructed from layers of fiberglass, and they weigh in at around 100 pounds. That kind of extra weight over the rear of your ride puts added stress on your shocks. Plus, it can cut into the fuel savings that come from the improved aerodynamics.

Choosing to get a truck is no small matter. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully before you shell out the big bucks for a shell.

Not only has Jordan owned a Tacoma with a camper shell, he's had the misfortune of having said shell stolen when he left it out on the front lawn overnight before a move. He's saving up for a new one by working as a writer and researcher for autoanything.com, where you can score great truck cap racks at guaranteed low prices.

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Thule Hullavator Kayak Lift Assist Roof Carrier

Raising the bar (literally) for lift assist carriers, the Hullavator
lifts up to 40lbs of a kayaks weight and allows side of vehicle loading.

Give Kevin a call at 707-447-9905 for information on all Thule products.