Racks, Hitches, And Customer Service

Kevin Snedeker, owner of Vaca Valley Truck & SUV talks about Tonneau Covers and Tool Boxes and why he has such a large selection to choose from.

Vaca Valley Truck & SUV is located at 1240 Callen Street, Vacaville, CA 95688. The phone number is 707-447-9905. Kevin is a hands-on owner, so you will be able to talk to him directly. His website is www.vacavalleytruck.com.

Kevin Snedeker, owner of Vaca Valley Truck and SUV talks about his business and some of the different products he sells. He talks also about how some products are seasonal. In addition, he talks about his brand of customer service.

Visit Vaca Valley Truck & SUV's website at www.vacavalleytruck.com. Call them at 707-447-9905.


Tonneau Covers and Tool Boxes

Kevin Snedeker, owner of Vaca Valley Truck & SUV talks about Tonneau Covers and Tool Boxes and why he has such a large selection to choose from.

Vaca Valley Truck & SUV is located at 1240 Callen Street, Vacaville, CA 95688. The phone number is 707-447-9905. Kevin is a hands-on owner, so you will be able to talk to him directly. His website is www.vacavalleytruck.com.


Interview With Kevin Snedeker Part 2

Kevin talks about van conversions and SUV's.

GMC Trailering Expert Offers Towing Advice

GMC's lead trailering engineer and expert in all things-towing, Robert Krouse, offers the top five mistakes people make while trailering.


BEDSLIDE Truck Accessory | Cargo Management

BEDSLIDE turns your entire truck bed into a sliding drawer. BEDSLIDE offers superior truck cargo management that will increase work efficiency by giving you full access to your truck bed cargo.

One of my favorite products. Extremely useful!



Billet Grilles for Truck Part Accessories

If you are looking for great truck part accessories, you should check out how much billet grilles can add to your vehicle. These truck part accessories are great for adding a little bit to the front of your vehicle and making it stand out a little bit more. Whether you want billet grilles that add more chrome to the front of your truck or you need to get a new one because of an accident or rust. Having great truck part accessories will make your truck pop that much more and stand out when you are driving down the road.

Options Available for Billet Grilles Truck Part Accessories

When it comes to billet grilles, there are a lot of available options that you can find online or in the store. Generally, you will find that there are different billet grilles for different trucks. So, if you drive a Ford F-150 you will need one grille and if you drive a Dodge Ram, you will need another. You want to make sure that your grilles fit your truck and match what you are looking for. Since there are so many options available, you may be searching to find the one that you like the best.

Installation of your Grilles

Once you order and decide on the billet grille that is going to work best for you, it has to be installed. There are different ways that you can install these. Some of these grilles will bolt on and are very easy to be installed. The other nice thing with these grilles is that for most of them you don't have to remove the old grille, which can be a giant pain. Instead, you'll be able to install a lot of these billet grilles right over the front, which is super easy and takes a lot of time and prep work off of your hands. The easier the installation, the better that it is for you and the less chance that there is for error.

When it comes to finding great grilles for your car, you want to look at all the options that are out there. There are a lot of different kinds, so look closely. With some, you may be able to take the old one off and bolt them on; with others you actually may be able to attach them over the top of the old grille which makes it really easy. Check out what great grilles there are so that you have the best truck part accessories.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Viktoria_Carella


Kevin Snedeker Interview Part Two

Part two of an interview with Vaca Valley Truck and SUV owner Kevin Snedeker


Truck Accessories Survival

Truck accessory store owner has new way to boost sales in these troubling times.


The Difference Between Truck Accessories and Gimmick Accessories Sellers Claim Are OEM Replacements

There are many different things that come under the term truck accessories. Accessories can generally be divided into two groups; classic and gimmick. Both groups hold practical and clever innovations, but the classical truck accessories are the usual standard type of accessories, whilst the gimmicks are, well, gimmicks!

Classical accessories include things like seat covers, floor mats, and the like. These are all ways which will help keep the truck neat and tidy. Seat covers will catch any bits of dirt and crumbs that fall, and prevent them from getting stuck in the folds and seams of the seats of the truck. They can then be removed and shaken out, so that the truck remains clean. Many seat covers are waterproof too, which prevents the truck's seats from getting stained and moldy. Moreover, depending on the material of the seat covers, the covers could be machine washable too, making it so simple to give the seat covers a thorough clean.

Floor mats also help to maintain a neat truck. The mats will collect the rain and mud from footwear, and stop the carpet of the truck from getting stained and spoiled. Some floor mats are more waterproof than others, but generally the mats themselves will be able to keep clean too. Mats are easy to take in and out of the car, and bang out when they get too dusty or dirty.

The type of truck accessories that are considered gimmicks are mini ovens, kettles, toasters etc. They too are extremely practical since long journeys in the truck could cause gaping holes in drivers stomachs. Having a 'kitchen' on board means that drivers can stop anywhere they like without having to look for a service station and pay the high prices there.

These sorts of truck accessories work from the regular 12V cigarette lighter in the truck. Many of them have mounting kits to ensure full safety whilst driving. truck accessories like these are relatively inexpensive to buy as they are small and compact. They are also uncomplicated devices, for example, the portable oven will come with one heat setting and a fifteen minute timer. This is a simple, easy to use accessory, perfect for hungry drivers on the go.

Coffee brewers, fridges, and all these things come in small sizes, and do the job. They don't have all these amazing extras like the home ones, but then again, the truck is not a home. Drivers have found these accessories life savers when stuck in rush hour, or long lines of traffic. At least they have a warm drink or cold can of coke to keep them going.

The list and choice of the different truck accessories is endless. Truck owners enjoy kitting themselves out with all their cabin's essentials, for life on the road.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Akiva_Nourollah


Vaca Valley Truck & SUV

Part one of an interview with Vaca Valley Truck & SUV owner Kevin Snedeker


Christmas Truck Parade

Every year Victoria, BC The Island Equipment Owners Association (IEOA) has a lighted truck parade, quite something to see, this year was no exception. Hope you enjoy the ride.


Pick Up Truck Bed Covers Present A Terrific Storage Space Fix

Pick up truck bed covers are usually protective truck tops that connect to the pickup cargo box of virtually any pickup. Some of these operate to make the pickup truck a little bit more sleek as well as supplying a secured storage area in the cargo area of one's vehicle. Several models are offered. Many such accessories tend to be hard lids loaded with hinged door sections on top providing the individual entry directly into the truck's cargo area.

A lot of additional truck bed covers for pickup trucks can be elevated and strung in the air by aluminum or conceivably fiberglass rods, similar to the posts that keep almost all motorized vehicle hoods held up. Other variations retract into a sleek canister at the front of the cargo area. Many possess a paneled top, where panels can to go underneath other parts enabling truck owners to stow or clear away cargo from the pickup bed. Similar designs are manufactured implementing pliable material like tent canvas and roll-up if individuals need in order to attain entry into the pickup's cargo box.

Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks...
* increase gas mileage via reducing the effects of wind resistance or "drag"
* shelter truck box possessions from the starting point of stormy climate
* cover up possessions out of the spying eyesight of burglars
* provide your present-day pickup together with an exquisite modern appearance
* appreciably increase the complete valuation of your automobile
* and so much more!

Such truck bed covers strengthen your passenger truck's resistance to the wind, and, consequently, heightens the pickup's acceleration capabilities. Given that pick up bed covers close off the storage area, rushing air will not be swirling about the enclosed storage space, causing potentially destructive havoc. Previously, these vehicle owners had the opportunity to replace the classic metal tail gate making use of some sort of plastic-type or rubberized netting to increase wind resistance.

Even though such options may reduce wind resistance, they tend not to promote the same protection regarding merchandise inside the cargo area like a well-made truck topper. A net is nowhere nearly as durable as the secure tail gate and also might wear out way more easily. Such fabric tailgate enclosures could also become unhitched, permitting stuff to take flight out of the cargo area the second your vehicle accelerates to highway speed. A tailgate net, at the same time, affects your vehicle's appearance, causing it to appear shoddy and substandard. Pickup tops along with truck bed covers render a ton more protected storage space while providing a high quality look and feel.

Merging stability and also cosmetic appeal, pick up truck bed covers are almost always a fantastic solution for almost any passenger truck owner.

Tonneau covers for pickup trucks, one of present day's most trendy truck add-ons, come in a range of handy and high quality applications. Hard or soft, folding or retractable.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Eric_Weeks


WEATHER GUARD Van Storage Solutions + Ford Transit

Recorded on November 8, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. For all your Weatherguard needs, call Kevin at 707-447-9905.


Of Course You Have a Truck Don't You?

I've had a pickup truck for most of my driving life.  There have been times over the years when I did not have one, but they were times of inconvenience.  For example, I play music in a band, and when I didn't have my truck I had a hard time hauling my equipment around from show to show.  Then of course there were the times I needed to make a dump run, or move from one house to another, or help a friend with a couch. 

When you have a truck you take these things for granted.  Just the other day for instance, my wife suggested I go get a load of tan bark for the back yard.  Not a problem.  My son wanted to take his bike over a friend's.  Piece of cake.  Try doing these things without a truck. 

I do like cars, and as long as I can afford both a car and a truck I'll have one, but if something ever has to go it will most certainly be the car.  Be good to your truck.  And if you don't have one, GET ONE!   

Written by Phil Greene



Is a Camper Shell Right for Your Rig?

Ah, the pickup truck. That open payload in the rear gives you the freedom to haul everything from bricks to gravel to your convertible bed. But, that open payload also leaves your gear and furniture exposed to the elements and the sticky fingers of parking lot bandits.

A lot of truck owners opt to install a camper shell because they want to safeguard their stuff from Mother Nature's wrath and good-for-nothing crooks. However, this cuts down on their pickups' versatility. You can't exactly pack a full-size reproduction of the statue, Laocoon and His Sons, into your payload when it's sporting a truck cap. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to camper shells, so consider these pros and cons before you make the investment.


Protection: Hands down - camper shells give you the most protection against nasty weather and parking lot Vikings. Because they're lined with an insulated seal, rain water and slushy sleet should not be able to infiltrate your truck bed. And, the lockable latches on their access doors stop all but the most determined burglars from burgling your valuables.

Better MPGs: Camper shells improve your truck's aerodynamics and can improve your fuel economy. You may not have known this, but your open payload is killing your MPGs. When air flows over your cockpit, it spills into your bed, hits your tailgate and creates drag. With a camper shell in place, air breezes smoothly across the roof instead of smacking into the back.


Less carrying capacity: Your truck bed is always constrained by its length and its width, but it also becomes constrained by height when you add a camper shell. Instead of having open skies overhead, there will be a fiberglass roof limiting the cargo that'll fit. Because of a shell's bulky size, lifting it on and off every time you've got a couch to move is just not practical, especially in impromptu moving situations like when you stumble across a free mattress in an alley. Of course, there are truck cap racks available to give you more room up top.

Extra weight: Don't let the word "shell" trick you - camper shells are hardly as dainty as an egg. These sturdy truck caps are constructed from layers of fiberglass, and they weigh in at around 100 pounds. That kind of extra weight over the rear of your ride puts added stress on your shocks. Plus, it can cut into the fuel savings that come from the improved aerodynamics.

Choosing to get a truck is no small matter. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully before you shell out the big bucks for a shell.

Not only has Jordan owned a Tacoma with a camper shell, he's had the misfortune of having said shell stolen when he left it out on the front lawn overnight before a move. He's saving up for a new one by working as a writer and researcher for autoanything.com, where you can score great truck cap racks at guaranteed low prices.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jordan_Catalano


Thule Hullavator Kayak Lift Assist Roof Carrier

Raising the bar (literally) for lift assist carriers, the Hullavator
lifts up to 40lbs of a kayaks weight and allows side of vehicle loading.

Give Kevin a call at 707-447-9905 for information on all Thule products.



5 Benefits of Soft Pickup Truck Bed Covers

Pickup truck bed covers offer security for cargo in several ways. In addition the covers also enhance the look of a truck. Though several types of covers compete with the soft covers, the soft tonneau offers certain advantages that make it a top choice. Here are 5 of the several reasons to get a soft cover for your pickup truck.

1. Easy Access To Anywhere In The Bed

Soft covers come in roll up, fold up and tilt models. But most popular is the typical roll up version. With that style you just roll the cover forward and then the cover is stored as a roll to the front of the bed. Then you have easy access to anything in the bed just as if the cover wasn't there at all.

2. Installation Ease

With soft covers you get a frame and then the heavy vinyl cover that attaches to that frame. For virtually all covers, the frame doesn't bolt on, it clamps on instead. That way attachment just takes minutes to fir the frame in place and clamp it to the side rails of the bed. There is no complicated set-up and no heavy pieces to deal with at all.

3. Sealing Tricks To Watch

No tonneau covers is water-tight but many are quite weather resistant. That also means that the covers work well to keep out dirt and prying eyes as well. Covers include seal systems at the front and back of the bed and also at the sides. The side seals may be of several types. One popular style is the hook and loop method. With this style, it easy to get and keep a tight fit so you get a trampoline sort of fit of the cover to the bed.

4. High Cargo Fits

Maybe you haven't noticed, but some tonneaus will not work with tall cargo. For example a tilting lid will not close on anything that extends higher than the bed sides. That means if you haul a lawn mower the lid must stay up. That's not very practical. On the other hand, soft covers of the roll up sort just move right out of the way so you can haul whatever you want to whenever you want to haul it.

5. The Price Is Right

Some of the basic truck covers cost so very little. Not all soft tonneaus are the lowest price choice but you do have many very inexpensive models to consider. When you consider that many soft bed covers cost half of what typical hard covers sell for you can see the potential for a good deal. Compared to a premium retractable truck bed cover, the soft models will only cost about one-fourth as much.

The overriding advantage of soft pickup truck bed covers is the lower price compared to other styles. Other benefits include easy bed access, easy installation, ability to handle high cargo as well as the superior sealing. A soft cover works well to protect cargo and protect the truck bed all at a quite low price tag.

Pickup truck covers protect cargo as well as preserving your bed paint and bed liner too, if you have one.
Discover more about your best options for pickup and cargo protection with pickup bed covers.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Al_Bullington


1974 Volkswagen Beetle & Camper - road test

5th wheel trailering in a VW Bug? May not be the best way to go about this. For better ideas, call Kevin at Vaca Valley Truck & SUV at 707-447-9905.

From YouTube: Please go to http://MuscleCarFilms.com/ for more info!

While it's not a performance road test (like my other videos), I just had to add this review of a bizzare Volkswagen Beetle/Camper combo

A.R.E. Truck Caps and Covers - SEMA 2008 - Episode 3

A.R.E. Truck Caps and Covers reporting from the 2008 SEMA show, at the A.R.E. booth, featuring an ActionKover fiberglass tonneau cover.


Little Luxuries - Lux SUVs Comparison

Big on amenities, not in size - We test the hottest lux SUVs from Audi's Q5 to Volvo's XC60.


Camper Shells

Truck camper shells, also known as caps or toppers, are a unique housing accessory for pick-up trucks.

They cover the pick-up bed entirely, and create a large utility space that can be used for camping and storage purposes.

Typically, the height of the camper shells is the same as the top of the truck. However, if you need more room, then taller models are also easily available.

There are some large toppers that even cover the top of the cab. If you are a camping enthusiast, then this particular style of bed cover is ideal for you. With a Truck camper shell, you can safely and comfortably spend the night in your truck.

Significant features of truck camper shells

Truck toppers are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass.

Aluminum caps are prepared in standard-sized molds. These are not only lightweight, but inexpensive too.

Fiberglass toppers, on the other hand, are made in custom molds so as to ensure that they cover the truck bed perfectly.

The color and contours of the cap harmonize flawlessly with your pick-up truck. Fiberglass toppers are more durable and sturdy that aluminum caps, but they are usually a lot more expensive.

At times, soft materials like canvas are also used. These caps are called soft-tops.

Some outstanding benefits of camper shells

A well-built truck camper shell provides complete protection against damaging weather conditions like rain, snow, sun, and wind.

These bed covers also keep your cargo absolutely safe and secure. Furthermore, by changing the aerodynamics of your vehicle, they help to increase the gas mileage.

They can also enhance the looks as well as the value of your automobile.

Taking care of truck toppers

The good thing about truck caps is that they don't require a lot of maintenance. Whenever you wash your truck, wash the shell too. This is the best way to keep it neat and clean.

It is advised that after every 6-months you remove the shell to check the foam seal. The seal must remain in excellent condition because...

It makes the topper weather-proof,

It prevents the bed cover from damaging the rails of the truck.

Camper shells are highly durable, and proper maintenance will further prolong their lives.

Things to consider while buying truck caps

Size- Truck caps come in a variety of sizes; you can select any one of them depending upon your needs. If you are intending to use you truck for camping, then you would need a large shell with windows and a removable curtain.

For hauling cargo, a simple topper, without extraneous features like windows, will be adequate to fulfill your purpose.

Material- Aluminum bed covers are low-priced and provide better gas mileage. On the contrary, fiberglass covers are quite costly, but they provide greater storage options and wide color range. If you use your pick-up truck solely for shipping purposes, then the soft-top is a good choice.

Installation- If your truck has pre-built bolts at the corners of the bed, then installation becomes fairly easy. If the bolts are not there, then you would first have to fix clamps and then the topper. Make sure that the truck cap you are looking at purchasing is easy to install and remove.

Security- Every camper shell has a back gate that can be locked to protect the contents from theft. Before buying the shell, ensure that the locking mechanism works perfectly.

Some good truck camper shells are...

Bestop Supertop Truck Bed Camper Shell
Carryboy Camper Shell
Hauler II Aluminum Pickup Truck Rack with Camper Shell

Jeremy Rumley is a Pick-up Truck enthusiast who learned the hard way that when it comes to pick-up's "Cheap is not always good and Good is not always cheap". His website at http://www.pickuptruckaccessoriesonline.com/ offers some valuable information about pick-up trucks and the most popular accessories, not only for the best dollar for dollar buys, but the best products over all, regardless of price.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jeremy_Rumley


SpaceKap Utility Body

A.R.E. is the exclusive distributor in the U.S. except in the states of WA and OR. The SpaceKap utility body represents the ultimate alternative to commercial vans. Our service bodies can be customized to meet the requirements of your fleet of utility vehicles. The SpaceKap can be be installed or removed in a matter of minutes and its universal fit to most pickup trucks provides enhanced value. The unit is available in different versions according to truck model.

For more information...


Tonneau LSX Series

Using advanced components and technologies, our custom design team has created the best fitting fiberglass tonneau cover on the market today. Our scissor hinge technology allows for a perfect fit that can mirror the design of your truck bed. The LSX also has more adjustability points than any other fiberglass cover, which means it can be custom fitted to your truck bed better than any other cover available.

The LSX has quality written all over it. A.R.E.'s facilities are ISO Certified which means we hold every LSX to the same high production and quality standards. We use only the best components, materials, and processes when manufacturing the LSX Series.

LSX features include wired Electric Lock, a trimless edge, carpeted interior, scissor hinge technology, an A.R.E. designed lift assist system, and our patented palm handle. Our quality and fit, along with these unique features, set the LSX Series apart from all other fiberglass tonneau covers.

Read more at http://www.4are.com/product/lsx/



Joel Ayres with Truck Accessories Group Makers Of Pace Edwards Covers

Give Kevin a call at 707-447-9905 with any questions on the products of Truck Accessories Group.


Tara Opdahl with Agri-Cover, Inc.

Kevin Snedeker will take great care of you getting any of the Access Cover products. Call Kevin at 707-447-9905.


Darrin Shubin with Magnaflow Performance Exhaust

Get your MagnaFlow products by calling Kevin at Vaca Valley Truck and SUV at 707-447-9905.


Bennett Jackson with Husky Liners Products Overview

Vaca Valley Truck & SUV can take care of all of your needs in the Husky Liners product line. Call Kevin at 707-447-9905 today to get exactly what you need for your vehicle.


Thule - Wind Tunnel Tested!

Thule likes testing the limits of our products, so you can go test yours. Call Kevin at 707-447-9905 today to get your Thule products.


Precision EZ Solid Billet Grille Slideshow

The Precision EZsolid grille line stands out as one of the premier upgrade grilles in the industry. Each grille is made from a solid plate of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and is CNC machined on both sides for crisp and clean lines giving it a custom look like no other grille on the market.

Call Kevin at 707-447-9905 to order yours today!


WARN PullzAll Rescue Kit In Action

Whether you're performing an extraction, rolling the roof on a vehicle, need to quickly pull a load out of the way, or lift an object up and out, the PullzAll Rescue Kit is the perfect compliment to your array of fire and rescue tools.

Call Kevin at Vaca Valley Truck & SUV at 707-447-9905 for all your Warn Industries products.


AMP Research Power Steps by ElectricStep.com

Kevin can help you get these wonderful steps installed on your rig today!

Call 707-447-9905.


Which Bed Liner is the Best - BedRug or BedTred?

TonneauCovers World talks about the differences between BedRug and BedTred.

Call Kevin at 707-447-9905 to order yours today!


Fisher's ATV World - Hatfield McCoy

DiamondBack Truck Covers featured on Fisher's ATV World on the Outdoor Channel. This episode was filmed at Hatfield McCoy, WV and first aired on February 11th, 2008.

Give Kevin a call at 707-447-9905 to order your DiamonBack Truck Cover!


So You Are Looking For a Trailer Tow System?

The first question is always, what is the hitch going on and how much weight do you intend on towing? There are several classes of hitches, Class 1 through Class 5. Each one has a weight rating. Class 1 is up to 1500 lbs and Class 5 is up to 15,000 lbs with trailer and vehicle equipped properly. All hitches have a tow weight which is the maximum pull strength for the hitch and tongue weight which is the downward weight and the capacity can increase with weight distribution systems or, as they are commonly called, equalizer bars. Not only is the hitch limited to certain weights, all the accessories are also limited to weight.

The three components that make up the towing system are the hitch, the ball mount and the ball. Each of these items has a weight limit. So, let’s say that your hitch has a 6,000 lb rating, your ball mount has a 5,000 lb rating and your ball is rated at 6,000 lbs. The weak point is the ball mount at 5,000 lbs. This is a common problem. It is always important to make sure you explain and choose the correct parts for towing trailers with all accessories having a compatible weight rating. Read more...


Bed Slide Products

Never, ever, climb into the back of your truck on your hands & knees again!!!


Running Boards & Steps

We sell a wide variety of different kinds of running boards from molded fiberglass painted to match the truck, to aluminum. We also sell a variety of steps including disappearing steps that are out of the way until you need them.


Nike Sprinter Conversion

2007 Dodge Sprinter nice golf mobile showroom conversion with shoe display rack, front driver side cooler and housing for auxiliary battery system. Rear slat wall display with bag storage along passenger side wall on raised platform.
Overhead storage above driver and passenger seat and loads of hidden storage in the rear. A great little traveling showroom!

This entire conversion was done on premises at Vaca Valley Truck & SUV, 1240 Callen Street, Vacaville, CA. Call Today for your conversion! 707-447-9905


How To Choose a Ball Mount & Ball - Hitchinfo.com

http://www.hitchinfo.com In this video you will be introduced to The Hitch Guys™. Travis and Nichole will show you the correct way to properly select a ball mount and ball that will work best for your towing setup, ensuring that you get everything you need the first time. This will be the first of many informative how to videos from The Hitch Guys™. Courtesy of CURT Manufacturing Inc. Become a fan http://www.facebook.com/hitchinfo


Truck Attempted Breakin Foiled By Roll-n-Lock

http://www.rollnlock.com Video of a thief trying to break into one of the most secure tonneau covers made. Roll-N-Lock manufactures vinyl-over-aluminum retractable truck bed covers for most pickups. Truck Bed Secured!


DiamondBack Commercial Solutions Are Made For WORK!

DiamondBack HD truck bed covers are clearly strong and meant to get the job done in all kinds of conditions and situations, and yet at the same time look so great! See more at http://www.diamondbackcovers.com/.


No More Crawling On Hands and Knees: BedSlide Is The Best

BedSlide is the leader in cargo management products. Offering a bed extender for easy access to tools and equipment. The Bedslide continues to be the best way to utilize your truck bed or cargo area.

BedSlide is also perfect for utility and service bodies with or without roofs. No more climbing into the bed area on your knees! Access things in the front of the bed fast and easy! They come in different capacity for different uses. You can see a wide selection of these are http://www.bedslide.com/. Give us a call at 707-447-9905 and we will get you the right bedslide for your needs.


A.R.E. Truck Caps Plant Tour On Inside Industry - Part 2

Tab Brown of Inside Industry gives us an informative and entertaining plant tour of A.R.E.'s industry leading Massillon, OH facility where they manufacture A.R.E. fiberglass truck caps and covers.

This is part II of an excellent and deep tour of A.R.E. truck caps and tonneau cover manufacturing. Part II is all about the fiberglass. Ever wonder why fiberglass caps and shells are more expensive than aluminum shells? You will wonder no more after watching part I and then this part II episode of Inside Industry. The amount of work and expertise that goes into making a high quality fiberglass shell is incredible.

See more of the full line of A.R.E. products at http://www.4are.com/


A.R.E. Truck Caps Plant Tour On Inside Industry - Part 1

Tab Brown of Inside Industry gives us an informative and entertaining plant tour of A.R.E.'s Mt Eaton, OH facility where they manufacture A.R.E. Deluxe Commercial Truck Caps and design their fiberglass truck caps.

This is part one of a most excellent and deep look into how truck caps and some tonneau covers are made at one of the world's largest manufacturers of those products. To see the whole product line, go to http://www.4are.com/.

Part 2 is next. . .


Operating Pace Edwards JackRabbit Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Covers h...

Our last post was on the ever popular, but changing tonneau cover. This is another great tonneau cover from Pace Edwards: The JackRabbit Retractable Tonneau Cover. The video shows how easy it is to operate and that it has numerous locking positions so you can have it closed, all the way open, or open anywhere in between. Notice that this one hides a fifth wheel, but when towing, the cover is opened all the way, then when not towing, it hides the fifth wheel. That's a pretty cool setup. Give us a call at 707-447-9905 and we will be happy to show you just how inexpensive this great setup can be!


Pace Edwards Tonneau Cover Utility Bedlocker For Service Truck Beds

Here's a great idea for the typical service body/utility body to help protect things in the bed area and also keep them out of sight: The Utility Bedlocker by Pace Edwards. Vaca Valley Truck & SUV has a lot of experience with a wide range of great tonneau covers and their applications. Give us a call at 707-447-9905 and we will help you get the perfect cover for your truck.


Westin Off Road Lightbar

About The Product:
This light bar is constructed from 2 inch steel tube. It also provides mount tabs for up to (4) 8 inch off road lights for the full size truck applications and up to (3) 8 inch off road lights for the mid size truck applications. Positioned above the bumper to position the lights at the truck grille elevation, this product provides the maximum in off road user lighting.

• Vehicle specific applications
• 2 inch diameter tube
• Mount up-to 8 inch lights
• Polished Stainless - LIFETIME WARRANTY
• Black Powdercoated Mild Steel - 3 YEAR WARRANT



Onki Volcano Running Board

It has taken a little bit of time but time well worth the wait. Onki is proud to introduce the latest in its running board lines, the all-new: Onki VOLCANO.

The Onki VOLCANO was conceived to be a price point model using lightly textured black powder coated mild steel as the main material with a 3 inch half tube on the leading edge for the traditional nerf tube look with the safety of a full step board. One can say that the Onki VOLCANO is the budget version of our top-selling Onki Nerf Board model, this time with a trapezoidal end cut.

The design and name of the Onki VOLCANO were inspired by the numerous volcanoes and lava flows found in Hawaii. The multiple traction holes strategically laid out on the 6 ½" wide top step of the board look like miniature volcanoes. The openings provide an engineered traction design on the metal sheet itself for basic safety. Additional traction comes from the replaceable black/orange rubber pads that also give the boards a more finished look. The Onki VOLCANO will be initially available in 7 lengths: 100”, 88”, 78”, 68”, 55”, 37”, and 21”. As has been our practice, all Onki VOLCANO running board sets come with our universal bracket kit.

Check out the all-new Onki VOLCANO.


Billet Candy for Your Ride

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Drop-in versus Spray-on Bedliners

The spray-on bedliner industry would like you to believe that the number one advantage of purchasing a spray-on bedliner versus a drop-in bedliner is the permanent bond between the truck and the truck bed, eliminating rust and corrosion. This is actually just one of many myths perpetuated by the spray-on industry designed to confuse the consumer. In actuality, the drop-in liner business has taken a bad rap, even though there has been over 25 years of technological developments that have addressed even the most minor concern.

Myth 1) Drop-in bedliners cause rust and corrosion to the truck bed. The truth is the patented high tensile strength rib design of the Duraliner® promotes ventilation between the bedliner and the bed of the truck preventing moisture accumulation. It features the highest ribbing of any drop-in liner in the industry to improve airflow. Spray-ons require the truck’s original finish and rust protection to be disturbed, usually by sanding or scuffing the surface in order for the spray to adhere to the sheet metal.

Myth 2) Drop-in bedliners crack, split or warp. The truth is all Durakon drop-in bedliners are guaranteed not to crack, split or warp for as long as you own your truck, even at 60 degrees below zero.

Myth 3) Drop-in bedliners lose their shiny color. The truth is that Durakon’s drop-in bedliners are more resistant to ultra-violet rays than spray-on liners. The primary feature of the Duraliner is its thermo bonded polyethylene top layer which provides a satin finish that retains a deep rich black color for the life of the liner.

Myth 4) Drop-in bedliners are not as resistant to scratches, dents and abrasions as spray-ons. The truth is Duraliner offers a uniform thickness of high-density polyethylene that protects the truck bed from deep dents and gouges. It even features a reinforced front wall design for added bulkhead protection. Spray-ons are only as good as the person that applies the material. Most cannot match the thickness and tensile strength of a drop-in liner. Duraliner has literally twice the wear resistance as compared to the nearest premium bedliner competitor.

Myth 5) Drop-in bedliners do not reduce load slippage. The truth is Duraliner has better skid resistance than the nearest premium drop-in bedliner competitor.

Myth 6) Drop-in bedliners cause noise and road vibration. The truth is Durakon’s liners form a secure, tight fit to the truck bed. Durakon is an original equipment supplier to Ford and other automotive manufacturers. With proper installation, there is absolutely no noticeable noise that occurs from road vibration.

Independent testing has shown the Duraliner outperforms the competition in appearance, weatherability, skid resistance and wet grip. The deciding factor for most who are trying to choose becomes one of style and money.


Tool Boxes

Vaca Valley Truck & SUV offers one of the largest selections of boxes around, from white steel to black steel to powder coated to aluminum chest. We will get the box you need, right the first time. So, if it's a work truck or an RV tower you're trying to set up, stop by so we can help you set up your truck of trailer with the storage you need. Some of the manufacturers we offer are WeatherGuard, Daw's Better Built, Dee Zee, Hiway Products, Delta and Buyers. We can even have custom boxes build specifically to suit your needs.


Whether you're a contractor or the weekend kayaker, we are sure to be able to get the rack system to suit all your needs. Some of the brands we have available are Rack-It, Cargo Master, Weatherguard, Yakima, Thule. With over 45 years combined experience in sales and installation, if you need a rack system for your truck, van or SUV, Vaca Valley Truck & SUV is your only source!



If you're looking for a camper shell, we are your one stop shop. We offer a huge selection of shells and options from painted to match fiberglass to a full line of industrial commercial grade shells. We have the experience and customer service that sets us apart from the others. Some of the manufacturers we sell are:

Vista & Vision by Fast Tops: A.R.E., A.R.E. DCU, Tradesman by Access

2007 GMC 1500 4x4 Crew Cab Short Bed with A.R.E. MX Shell. Driver and passenger window doors with shelving. Chrome overlay handles, mirrors, gas door. Painted bushwaker pocket style flares, chrome front bug shield, Amp research power drop down steps

Suisun City Fire Command Vehicle with A.R.E. DCU shell painted to match factory color. Driver and passenger side dual lift up doors with built in tool boxes on both sides with drop down shelf

A.R.E. DCU Commercial Shell with Bedslider. Front compartment is open to the bed area and rear compartment has shelves.


Tonneau Covers

From painted to match fiberglass & ABS solid covers to covers that retract into cannisters, Vaca Valley Truck & SUV offers the most options & style of any facility in the area with professional installation on every thing we sell.

Painted to match Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

1994 Ford Ranger custom painted with color matched A.R.E. LS Tonneau Cover with Sport Wing and LED brake light, plus stainless rocker panels, painted to match roll pan and painted to match power sport mirrors.

White Toyota Before

White Toyota After