BEDSLIDE Weather Resistant

The BEDSLIDE sports the WEATHERDECK our exclusive composite light weight decking is durable in all elements. Standard on all models.


A Look Back at the 2018 Easter Jeep Safari with Superchips

As the leader in Jeep tuning performance, Superchips is always looking for ways to take things a step further. There is no better place to put product to the test than Moab, UT. Catch a quick glimpse of the action out at the 2018 Easter Jeep Safari!


Easy Access - The BEDSLIDE

Brand Ambassador Zach Mayfield takes a closer look at his 2009 Toyota Tacoma BEDSLIDE.


Family Safe | Tested. Proven. Safe. | CURT MFG

CURT’s mission is to provide customers with safe, reliable products that empower them to enjoy more of what they love – whether it’s work, play or a combination of both.


BEDSLIDE Adventure Packing

If anyone knows adventure, it's the Days. From @somedayadventure and @somedayilllearn. We got a first hand look at how they get set for travel and adventure.


Install Overview: 25490 - SmartAir II - Ford F-150

Wondering how to install Air Lift's SmartAir II? Then check out this video, as we install the 25490 kit in the Air Lift Workshop! (SmartAir II fits leaf sprung vehicles only)

*Note: This video is an overview and does not replace the install manual. Images common to SmartAir II installations may be representative.


CURT Spectrum™ Brake Control

The CURT Spectrum™ brake control provides powerful brake operation while maintaining a clean, consistent OE look and feel on the dash of your vehicle. It is comprised of a main module and a separate user interface. This interface is a simple rotary knob with a push-button and ten tri-color LEDs to control and monitor all trailer brake activity. It also features a triple-axis accelerometer for highly responsive, smooth stops on any grade.

The separated module and interface of the Spectrum™ brake control allow it to integrate with the vehicle unlike any other. The main module can be mounted at any angle, behind the dash and completely out of sight. The separate rotary knob provides a sleek, subtle interface that mounts on the dash of the vehicle wherever desired. It features ten LEDs with three colors each (red, green and blue) to indicate trailer brake activity and power adjustment. The rotary knob and integrated push-button allow for simple and effective operation of the control settings and manual adjustment.

The Spectrum™ brake control offers superior safety and helps protect the life of your vehicle and trailer with its advanced triple-axis accelerometer. This integrated circuit detects the motion of the vehicle and trailer when making stops and applies the precise amount of brake power for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The three axes of the circuit also enable the brake control to compensate when going up or down a hill and allow it to be mounted at any angle.

Like all CURT brake controls, the Spectrum™ installs in ten minutes or less, using one of our vehicle-specific quick plug harnesses. It also has automated leveling and calibration capabilities to simplify and speed up the installation process. The Spectrum trailer brake controller comes with mounting hardware for a complete installation and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Product Features:
- Controls all brake settings with a simple push-button rotary knob
- Clean, dash-mounted user interface with 10 tri-color LEDs
- Main module can be mounted anywhere, at any orientation, out of - sight
- Highly responsive, smooth stops with triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer
- Easily accessible manual override with the press of a button
- Includes two mounting brackets for drill mount or surface adhesive mount
- Equipped with a quick plug for easy, plug-and-play installation
- Compatible with low voltage or pulse width modulation (PWM) systems
- Operates 2-8 trailer brakes at a time (1-4 axles)
- User-selectable power output and trailer brake light activation
- Automatic leveling and calibration eliminate setup requirements
- Built-in dual-polarity and short-circuit protection
- Tow vehicle 'low voltage' and trailer disconnect indicators
- Compatible with ABS and cruise control
- Limited lifetime warranty


WEATHER GUARD® - Truck - Steel Truck Rack Installation

This video shows the tools and steps needed to install and assemble a Weather Guard 1275-52-02 Steel Truck Rack.