The CURT Triflex Brake Control

The CURT Triflex Brake Control
Product # 51140

- Triple-axis motion sensing accelerometer for highly responsive, smooth stops
- Third axis provides precise, automatic brake strength adjustment when going up or down an incline
- Digital display shows adjustments in .1 increments
- Nine levels of "boost" allow for customized braking power
- Sensitivity adjustment for varying trailer loads or driving conditions
- Adjustable power output
- Designed for dual polarity and short circuit protection
- Operates 2-8 brakes
- On/Off switch for manual lever stoplight activation
- Compatible with anti-lock brakes and cruise control
- Compact size: 3 1/4" wide, 4"deep, 7/8" tall
- One of the smallest brake controls available without sacrificing features
- Mounting hardware included
- Mounts in a variety of angles above or below your dash to increase unit accessibility and display readability
- Automatic leveling and calibration, not setup required
- Auto Sleep mode, prevents battery drain after 30 minutes of idle time
- May be used in conjunction with low voltage or pulse-width modulation systems
- Low voltage and disconnect indicators
- Limited lifetime warrenty


WEATHER GUARD® ConVANtion Mini Movie

A man drones on while presenting at a van product convention about his company's way of organizing - just like your junk drawer at home! To the rescue comes the Weather Guard man, who wakes up the audience by pushing a van carrying the most innovative, time-saving, durable, and productivity-driving van solutions available. Introducing the all-new, totally redesigned Weather Guard Van Solutions product line. Weather Guard® Van Solutions are ready to roll with game changing improvements based on years of research and your input. Completely retooled shelving, improved bulkheads, customizable organizational features, and a host of smart new accessories, designed around the common sense idea that tools and equipment belong on the shelf, not the floor.


A.R.E. CX Series Camper Shell or Truck Cap Mounted on 2012 Toyota Tundra...

Kevin is showing a recent job installing an A.R.E. CX Series Camper Shell or Truck Cap on this 2012 White Toyota Tundra Access Cab. The fit and finish on this high quality A.R.E. Shell is second to none and is at least one reason Kevin sells a lot of them. This one also has a drop down picture window access to the back of the cab.

Call Kevin of Vaca Valley Truck & SUV at 707-447-9905, or visit their website at http://www.VacaValleyTruck.com.


A.R.E. MX Series Camper Shell or Truck Cap on a 2012 Ford F150 Supercab

Kevin is showing us the A.R.E. MX Series Camper Shell or what some call a Truck Cap. This shell has a 4"-6" rise in the height of the shell to allow for taller cargo, yet it flows with the lines of the truck so nicely.

The high quality of the fit and finish of the A.R.E. Shell is superb and that is why Kevin sells so many of them. See more at http://www.VacaValleyTruck.com, or call Kevin at Vaca Valley Truck & SUV at 707-447-9905.


A.R.E. LS2 Tonneau Cover Looks Like Factory On 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

Kevin of Vaca Valley Truck & SUV goes over a recent job installing an A.R.E. LS2 Tonneau Cover that is made to look as if it all came together from the factory. The customer installed the stripe on the rear which even makes this look like a factory job. The LS2 is high quality and includes basecoat, clearcoat like the factory does.

See more from Vaca Valley Truck & SUV on this YouTube channel and at http://www.VacaValleyTruck.com, or call 707-447-9905.


Fisher's ATV World - DiamondBack ATV Carrier

A product spotlight on the DiamondBack ATV Carrier that highlights its benefits as a truck bed cover and an ATV carrier that allows you to haul up to 2 ATVs.


WARN PullzAll Application: Stretching Fence

The WARN PullzAll has hundreds of great uses. Here's one of them: Stretching fence. A necessity for farms and ranches, pulling fence can be a tedious task that required a cumbersome and slow ratchet strap. However, with the WARN PullzAll, stretching fence is much faster and easier. Just find your anchor, and let the Pullzall do the work.

How do you use your WARN PullzAll? Share your experiences in the comments area or on the WARN Facebook or Twitter pages:




A brief overview of the Stay-IN-Play DUO braking system. Vaca Valley Truck & SUV is very experienced installing the SMI Braking products. Give Kevin a call today.


SEMA 2012 - Automotive Aftermarket Exhibitor Video Testimonial from K&N ...

From SEMA 2011, Tim Martin of K&N Engineering talks about the advantage of participating at 2012 SEMA no matter what industry you're in. Vaca Valley Truck and SUV is a dealer for K&N filter products.


Sure Fit Truck Racks - Service Body - NTEA 2012

Gary gives a great presentation of the Sure Fit truck racks by Rack-It. This one is displayed on a service/utility body at the 2012 NTEA show. Vaca Valley Truck & SUV is a dealer for SureFit and Rack-it Truck Racks.