WEATHER GUARD® - The NEW QuickDraw at Bullfighter School

Even at Dusty Tuckness' Bullfighter School, the toughest truck boxes are now available with QuickDraw access.


BOLT Cable Lock

Featuring BOLT's Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology, the BOLT Cable Lock works with your vehicle key! Each cable lock comes with a 6' coiled steel cable to safely secure just about anything!


Tommy Gate - Tuckunder Development Video

The Tommy Gate Tuckunder Development Video depicts the hard working staff at Woodbine Manufacturing Company and the production of the Tuckunder Series hydraulic lift. It was filmed on location in Woodbine, Iowa.


BOLT Coupler Pin Lock

Featuring BOLT's Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology, the BOLT Receiver Lock works with your vehicle key! Available for Class I, II, III, IV, & V hitches!


Rack-it Modular Truck Rack For Camper Shell or Truck Cap

Gary shows off a fully assembled modular truck rack designed to allow a camper shell or truck cap to be installed on the truck. http://www,rackitinc.com


Forklift-Loadable Modular Rack by Rack-it

Gary is showing us a forklift-loadable in a modular system that can be shipped worldwide. These racks are truck specific to make fitting your truck a breeze.


Superchips Jeep

At Superchips, we don't just get it, we live it. Designed for your 4x4 and packed with off-road specific features exclusive to Superchips, our Jeep products are the ultimate tuning solution!


Quality Modular Rack For Pickups by Rack-it

Gary gives us a tour of their modular truck rack system. These racks have the same high quality as Rack-it's famous fully welded versions. This is the standard version and all of their racks are made truck-specific so that it is designed for your truck. See more at http://www.rackitinc.com


Firework Time!! Blowing up an UnderCover?

With 4th of July fast approaching we couldnt resist but try to blow up one of our UnderCover's. Using all over-the-counter fireworks, and with the Ast. Chief of the Logan-Rogersville Fire Dept. on hand, we threw everything we had at it with intensions of blowing it up....Think it stood up to the challenge? Check out the video and find out. ( Fireworks start at 1:12 )

We want to wish everyone a happy, and safe 4th of July!