The WARN Truck and SUV Winch Lineup

Learn about the WARN truck and SUV winch lineup and find which model is right for your rig.


Tow & Stow for MultiPro Tailgates

Our new Tow & Stow hitch compatible with GM's MultiPro tailgate. Lock the hitch in your receiver, stow it, then use the inner gate feature of your MultiPro tailgate.


BedRug Classic Bed Liner Installation - Slip and Skid Resistant Bed Protection for Your Truck

Learn how easy it is to install a BedRug Classic Bed liner in your truck!

This truck bed bed liner features:
• Rugged construction handles heavy cargo
• Anti-skid surface prevents cargo from sliding
• Knee friendly 3/4" cushioned floor
• Waterproof, chemical, & stain resistant
• Engineered for exterior use
• Easily cleaned with just water
• Made in the USA


Return to Modified Feature Now Available For Jeep® JK & JL, DT (Ram)

Flashpaq, Flashpaq for Jeep®, Flashcal for Jeep® and Flashcal for Truck •|||||||•

Save Modifications - This option will be present after changing user adjustable options in device (ie. tire size, etc.)

Return Modifications - This option will be present whenever the vehicle is stock and will write ‘Saved Modifications’ back to the vehicle.

Body Control Module (BCM)/ Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) Factory Reset - This option will allow the user to replace the original BCM configuration present prior to adding any mods (previously only available from dealer).

Included in this feature release are the following bug fixes that we have verified targeting customers in the field: • Fix for halo light upgrade
• Fix for low beam dropout after upgrading to LED headlight
• Fix for turn signal hyperflash after upgrading to LED turn signals


What to Know About Towing | Consumer Reports

There are so many vessels and vehicles to satisfy your inner adventurer. Consumer Reports’ expert explains what you need to know about getting these beauties from point A to point B.


Superchips 2019 Jeep JL Rubicon 2.0 Turbo Build Overview

At Superchips, we dedicate ourselves to providing industry-leading tuning and aftermarket solutions for the Jeep® market. To stay on that leading edge, we invest in our own fleet of vehicles to help develop and test all our products. Our 2019® Jeep JL Rubicon is outfitted with the 2.0L Turbo engine and has been R&D vehicle, but of course it can't be left stock! In this video, we talk about some of the partners on this build that have helped transform this Jeep into a trail-worthy crawler.


BOLT Jeep Spare Tire Lock

Lock up your Jeep Spare Tire with just one key, your ignition key! The BOLT Jeep Spare Tire Lock fits most OEM and aftermarket alloy wheels, replacing one of the stock lug nuts with the provided stud lug nut. Once installed, the BOLT Lock goes on to the pin, to keep your spare tire secure.

Other features:
-6 plate tumbler sidebar prevents picking and bumping
-Automotive grade stainless steel lock shutter keeps out weather and debris
-Rugged jacket protects your gear
-Stainless steel threaded lug nut pin for strength and durability
-Limited lifetime warranty


Highway Products - Truckslide™ XT1200

Never crawl in your truck bed again! Use 100% of your truck bed by sliding out the aluminum tray with one hand.


How to Set Up Weight Distribution | BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale

This video describes how to use the Weight Distribution feature of the CURT BetterWeigh™ mobile towing scale. With this feature, you can easily set up your weight distribution hitch without the need for a measuring tape, pen and paper.

The CURT BetterWeigh™ #51701 is a Bluetooth-enabled OBD2 device that wirelessly syncs with your smartphone to provide a variety of vehicle and trailer weights. This includes vehicle weight, GCW, payload, tongue weight and pin weight, as well as weight distribution setup and trailer brake gain.

To begin setting up your weight distribution hitch with the CURT BetterWeigh™, choose the weight range that best suits your vehicle-trailer setup. To set the range, tap the gear icon and select Weight Distribution. Then, select a weight range.

Next, select the Weight Distribution feature on the BetterWeigh™ app homescreen. Before pressing Ready, make sure your vehicle and trailer are aligned and ready to be coupled. Turn off the engine. Then, step back from the vehicle and tap Ready. BetterWeigh™ will take an initial reading of your vehicle’s pitch.

Once the vehicle pitch is analyzed, lower the trailer tongue until the coupler is resting on the ball. BetterWeigh™ will then display the trailer tongue weight. Tap Ready again to see the weight distribution relative scale. Weights will be shown across the front, rear and trailer axle. The goal is to redistribute the weight toward the front vehicle axle.

Next, attach the weight distribution spring bars to the trailer. Then, raise the trailer jack off the ground to see the initial weight distribution reading. Adjust the weight distribution hitch until the front end axle is in the green zone on the app.

Finish connecting your trailer, and you’re ready to tow!

BetterWeigh™ is compatible with Apple and Android phones. Download the BetterWeigh™ app from Google Play or the App Store.