TruXedo Pro X15 Premium Roll-Up Truck Bed Cover with Matte Black Fabric - Quick Overview

Pro X15 includes the same great features of our number one selling cover, Lo Pro, with added style and performance. New 15 degree rails deliver an extra low-profile, flush-mount look on the truck bed, and superior-grade, matte-black fabric provides a stylish appearance. The cover can be installed or removed in minutes with no drilling required. The Pro X15 is made in the USA and comes backed with a Lifetime Warranty.


How to Build an Air Lift 1000 Universal Kit

Can’t find an air spring kit for a coil-sprung vehicle? Air Lift 1000 Universal Air Spring Kits fit almost any open coil spring to provide up to 1,000 lbs. of load-leveling support*.


TruXedo Lo Pro - Best Selling Roll-Up Truck Bed Cover in North America

A sleek, low-profile design is the signature of the Lo Pro. Heavy-duty construction and the patented automatic tension control keep the cover looking great in any weather condition. The Lo Pro mounts inside the rails of the truck bed, providing full access to stake pocket holes for use with additional accessories. Stylish design, simple functionality and durable bed protection are what make the Lo Pro North America’s #1 selling roll-up truck bed cover.

The cover can be installed or removed in minutes with no drilling required. The Lo Pro is made in the USA and comes backed with a Lifetime Warranty.


CURT B2B University: X5 Gooseneck-to-5th Wheel Adapter Plate

Whoever said your pickup truck could not do it all was wrong. CURT is your go-to source for towing products, and as such, we provide the equipment you need to make the most out of your tow vehicle. Whether you have a set of 5th wheel rails bolted to your truck bed or an under-bed gooseneck hitch installed, you do not have to settle for only one type of towing.

CURT 5th wheel adapter plates are a fast, dependable way to convert your gooseneck trailer hitch into a set of 5th wheel rails to accept a 5th wheel hitch. With gooseneck installation brackets and a gooseneck hitch already installed, the adapter plate simply inserts into the gooseneck trailer ball hole using a solid shank and is secured with the locking mechanism provided by the gooseneck hitch. One of the most attractive features about CURT 5th wheel adapter plates is that they are practically instantaneous: insert the shank, apply the locking mechanism and just like that you have a sturdy pair of 5th wheel rails.

This CURT 5th wheel adapter plate features a round shank and is compatible with CURT Double Lock EZr gooseneck hitches. It features a gross trailer weight capacity of 20,000 lbs., allowing it to accept a number of 5th wheel hitches, including the CURT A16, Q20 and E16, as well as many competitive models. This 5th wheel adapter plate offers a simple pin-and-clip installation for 5th wheel hitches and has multiple mounting points to accept either 5th wheel legs or a 5th wheel roller. To give you and your truck the advantage in heavy-duty towing, trust CURT to provide the answer you need in every towing situation.


TruXedo Family of Premium Roll-Up Truck Bed Covers - Quick Overview

Since 2000, TruXedo has led the industry with innovative roll-up truck bed covers.

We remain committed to providing the highest quality engineered products, shortest lead times, world-class customer service and best warranties in the industry. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Truxedo. Cover your truck. Live your life.


WARN Industrial Winches: The Best in the Industry

Warn Industries is the leader in electric planetary gear winches for military, fire/rescue, and towing applications. Learn more about our industrial winches in the video.


Superchips Dashpaq Feature Overview and Key Benefits

Take a look into the extensive list of features loaded inside Superchips Dashpaq programmer and monitor combo. Whether you drive a gas or diesel truck, or SUV, the Dashpaq offers a host of features to bundle with multiple, pre-loaded performance tunes designed to add instant throttle response, MPGs, and improved towing.


TruXedo TruXport Roll-Up Truck Bed Cover - Quick Overview

The TruXedo TruXport is an attractive roll-up truck bed cover that includes top quality features and benefits with a price that won't break the bank. It's easy to install, and operation is simple. The TruXport mounts on top of the truck bed rails providing distinctive good looks that will truly complement your truck. Once installed, the pre-set tension control will help maintain the TruXport's great looks all year round.

The cover can be installed or removed in minutes with no drilling required. The TruXport is made in the USA and comes backed with a Five Year Warranty.


WeatherTech AlloyCover - Hard Tri-Fold Pickup Truck Bed Cover

The WeatherTech AlloyCover Hard Tri-Fold Pickup Truck Bed Cover is a lightweight, low-profile foldable bed cover that maximizes protection from harsh weather conditions without compromising style, strength and aerodynamic qualities.