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Proudly made in America! What makes CURT hitches different? See for yourself, tour the facility and meet the people who deliver the highest quality trailer hitches and towing accessories.


Tommy Gate - Cantilever Series

Tommy Gate Company's all-new Cantilever Series, specifically designed for panel vans. 

For more information, visit www.tommygate.com .


Rack-it For The Toyota Tacoma Composite Bed

Our unique mounting system for the composite beds on the Toyota Tacoma pickup gives you the strength that is needed to get the work done. In fact, our Toyota rack is among our most popular models.


New Tommy Gate G2 Dual Drive Replaces Cables

This is the next generation Tommy Lift. The G2 is a heavy-duty dual cylinder design liftgate which fits most full-size pickup truck applications. It comes in two capacities: 1,300 lb and 1,500 lb. The G2 features dual hydraulic cylinders, one on each side of the platform to ensure a stable, even and smooth lift for your cargo. The photo above shows the G2 with the optional Aluminum platform.

Vaca Valley Truck & SUV is now a Tommy Gate distributor. We can take care of your Tommy Gate needs from the light duty pickup models all the way to the heavy duty commercial use liftgates and railgates. Give Kevin a call at 707-447-9905 to get a quote for your truck.


Century Royale Camper Shell or Truck Cab Dresses Up A Toyota Tacoma

Kevin shows off a Century Royale camper shell or truck cap recently installed on a Toyota Tacoma. Notice how beautifully, the is shell follows the lines of the truck, and the color match is superb. Notice also the frameless glass giving the shell an SUV look rather than a pickup with a shell. Also includes a Thule rack system.

Vaca Valley Truck and SUV carries a number of brands of shells and tonneau covers to match any truck and desire. They give you their best advice because they want long-term repeat customers for life!

Give Kevin at Vaca Valley Truck and SUV a call at 707-447-9908, and visit their website at www.VacaValleyTruck.com.


A.R.E. CX Series Camper Shell or Truck Cap with 'Windoors'

Kevin with Vaca Valley Truck & SUV shows off an A.R.E. CX Series with a 'Windoor', plus a pass through with a rubber boot seal. A Yakima Track Rack is installed on the top of the shell.

Vaca Valley Truck & SUV is located at 1240 Callen Street in Vacaville, CA. Call Kevin at 707-447-9905 and visit their website at www.VacaValleyTruck.com.


The Tommy Gate Original Series w/Aluminum Platform

Tommy Gate has become to liftgates as Kleenex is to tissues. And, why not? They are the original and they are still the leader! Since 1965!

Here is the Original Series pickup liftgate with the optional aluminum platform. This application is absolutely perfect for lighter pickups because the liftgate is lighter, yet equally strong as the steel platform. Plus, it looks pretty darn good!

This liftgate is available in 500, 1,000 and 1,300 lb capacities, and are compatible with many frame mounted receiver-style hitches.

You can see more about Tommy Gate at http://www.tommygate.com/ including some videos showing operation of the liftgate.

Vaca Valley Truck and SUV is now a Tommy Gate distributor and supplier, so whether it is a light duty for pickup or heavy duty for your commercial truck, give us a call at 707-447-9905 and we will take excellent care of you. Also see our website at http://www.vacavalleytruck.com/.


A.R.E. LSX Ultra Tonneau Cover On Toyota Tacoma

Kevin shows off a beautiful A.R.E. LSX Ultra Tonneau Cover installed on a 2011 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab with the short bed. The color match is superb and typical with A.R.E. products, Note the smooth styling and how it enhances the look of the truck. This also has a double hinge system, uses the factory key fob, has superior seals, carpeted headliner.

Vaca Valley Truck and SUV is located at 1240 Callen Street in Vacaville, CA. Call them at 707-447-9905 and visit their website at www.VacaValleyTruck.com.



Rob McNealy on DIY's Cool Tools: The EZ Hitch

Rob McNealy demonstrating the EZ Hitch trailer guide for DIY's Cool Tools TV show.


Inside CURT - Welding

Curt Manufacturing is one of our favorite suppliers.
Call Vaca Valley Truck & SUV for all your trailering needs at 707-447-9905.