Yakima [] SideBar [] Product Tour

The SideBar heavy duty side rails increase the utility of our OverHaul HD™ and OutPost HD™ truck rack systems with more carrying space. Available in two size options and a telescoping design, it’s always a perfect fit. The full-length T-slot and 100-lb. capacity make it easy to attach more accessories and gear. Now you can customize your Yakima truck rack system to securely handle a wider range of outdoor fun.


Highway Products, Inc. | Truckslide™ XT-4000 - Built for Extreme Applications

The Highway Products XT-4000 industrial-strength Truckslide™ is engineered to meet the needs of professionals who transport up to 4,000 lbs. Whether you are hauling roofing supplies, boulders, retaining wall blocks, bricks or bags of concrete, the XT-4000 Truckslide™ is the perfect solution.


Rebellion™ XD Cushion Hitch Review | Kustom Construction Testimonial

Pat Lee of Kustom Construction reviews the CURT Rebellion™ XD cushion hitch ball mount #45949. With ShockDrop™ technology, the Rebellion™ XD is designed to provide a more comfortable towing experience, improved driving control and increased longevity for your vehicle and equipment. “It’s a night-and-day difference,” Lee says.

Kustom Construction is a general contracting company based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Pat and his crew have used the Rebellion™ XD for about a month, on all their trailers – flatbed trailers, dump trailers, enclosed trailers and more. Pat discusses what makes this cushion hitch a “phenomenal product” and the advantages that it offers for regular, heavy-duty towing.

The Rebellion™ XD has a large cushion – an integrated isolator – so that when the trailer moves while towing, the truck doesn’t. This is the Rebellion™ XD’s ShockDrop™ technology. It provides a more comfortable ride, less strain on the tow vehicle and more control for the driver.

As a general contractor, the Kustom Construction crew hauls their tools, machinery, scrap materials and other heavy loads. The Rebellion™ XD offers a night-and-day difference for comfort, control and longevity, compared to a traditional ball mount hitch. “It’s almost like having air ride suspension without having it,” Lee says.

The Rebellion™ XD cushion hitch ball mount is great for lowered trucks and lifted trucks because it easily adjusts up or down as needed, leveling out the trailer and promoting a smooth ride.


Hellwig Testimonials: Theodore Seifert

Theodore Seifert loves the stability and control his Hellwig sway bar gives him when he’s tackling the trails in Moab.


The WARN Truck and SUV Winch Lineup

Learn about the WARN truck and SUV winch lineup and find which model is right for your rig.


Highway Products, Inc. Truckslides™ Are Engineered to Take a Beating

Highway Products Truck Slides™ are specifically designed for rugged work conditions. Over-engineered and over-built, every Truck Slide™ is made from premium metal and components. The Fully Formed Aluminum Tray has no weak points to crack and can be left in the elements without concern for deterioration. 10 Gauge Galvanized Steel tracks with oversized 2” Sealed Chrome Steel Bearings provide a smooth and durable extension of the tray. The ¼” Hot-rolled solid steel pull handle actuates a rocker that disengages ¼” spring-loaded steel plungers from multiple locking points in the tracks.


Fishing Trip | Smooth Towing with Rebellion™ XD Cushion Hitch

Make it a trip to remember with the CURT Rebellion™ XD cushion hitch ball mount. With innovative ShockDrop™ technology, this adjustable ball mount combats jerking, jarring, bumps and vibrations while towing a trailer to ensure a smooth ride, to the boat landing and back!

The Rebellion™ XD cushion hitch ball mount provides quieter and comfortable towing to let you pass on the spirit of adventure. The adjustable shank is constructed with a patented, dynamically adaptive polyurethane isolator. The simple design promotes extended longevity and ease of use, while the highly tested components ensure dependable functionality, delivering a smooth ride without the hassle of frequent maintenance.

The Rebellion™ XD ball mount also helps reduce strain on your tow vehicle, improves driver control in events of sudden braking and even helps limit the tendency for undesirable trailer sway.

More Rebellion™ XD features & benefits:
6-1/4" maximum drop and 1/4" rise (shank cannot be flipped)
Tested and rated for 15,000 lbs. GTW and 1,500 lbs. TW
Textured, dark grey teridium finish for a premium look on your vehicle
Fits trailer hitches with a 2" x 2" receiver tube opening
Equipped with 1-1/4" hole to accept a trailer ball shank


Yakima [] HD Crossbar [] Product Tour

Our burliest crossbar ever, the HD Bar is the one for heavy loads, rugged terrain and maximum utility. It delivers the muscle our new truck racks demand, and works with our StreamLine towers to get the heavy duty job done right. The engineered aluminum construction provides superior support without weighing things down, integrated tie-down points to simplify load security, and T-slot attachment technology for adding gear mounts the fast, easy way. The Yakima Way.


Air Lift - Diego Ranch - Featuring WirelessOne™ - #LifeOnAir

Down in Arkansas, there’s a very special place called Diego Ranch. Owned and managed by Michael Jackson, Diego Ranch Inc. is a nonprofit, 501(c) that provides equine assisted services to children and adults with mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. The team at Diego Ranch also serves local schools, churches, retirement homes, and everything in between, offering riding lessons and instruction for proper safety around horses.

In order to make all of this happen, Michael has to be able to get his equine therapists to his clients in need. The ranch has three trailers – a 23-foot long, bumper-pull, three horse trailer; a 28-foot long, bumper-pull, flatbed cargo trailer; and a 28-foot long, gooseneck flatbed trailer. When you’re towing and hauling stuff that big, and assets as priceless as their equine therapists, you want to feel safe and secure when on the road.

In 2019, Michael added a set of our LoadLifter 7500XL air springs and the WirelessOne on-board air compressor system to his 2017 Ford F-250 in an effort to get the vehicle level and driving comfortably. The system was installed quickly and professionally by DNW Truck Accessories in Jonesboro, Arkansas (along with a new set of tires), and Michael was back on the road in only a few hours.

“Not only is it safer for us, but oncoming traffic doesn’t flash bright lights at us anymore. We feel more confident in less wear and tear on the tires and suspension of the truck and trailers. So far, it looks like our fuel mileage has increased, which is a huge savings as well.”

At Air Lift, we are honored to play a small role in helping Diego Ranch to create better lives and create true and lasting change within their community. Special thanks to Michael Jackson, the team at Diego Ranch, and all of the clients for sharing their #lifeonair with us!


Take Back Control | Rebellion™ XD Cushion Hitch with ShockDrop™ Technology

The Rebellion™ XD cushion hitch adjustable ball mount is engineered for professional work, giving you the confidence to tackle any job. Wherever your work takes you – from the industrial park to the frontier – Rebellion™ XD helps you take back control, making work feel more like clocking out.

Rebellion™ XD is constructed with ShockDrop™ technology – a cushioned isolator system that dynamically adapts to uneven roads. This reduces jerking and jarring at the coupling point as well as rattling and vibrations, providing a more comfortable ride.

Rebellion™ XD also adds control to your drive. The ShockDrop™ isolator increases control during events of sudden braking, and it even deters the tendency for trailer sway.

More features and benefits:

  • Virtually maintenance-free with no airbag or bearings to service
  • Minimizes stress on tow vehicle's suspension and brakes for extended longevity
  • Lighter-weight design for less stress on the trailer hitch receiver
  • Adjustable, six-position head for precise leveling with different trailers
  • 6-1/4" maximum drop and 1/4" rise (shank cannot be flipped)
  • Cast steel construction for dependable towing power
  • Textured, dark grey teridium finish for a premium look on your vehicle
  • Tested and rated for 15,000 lbs. GTW and 1,500 lbs. TW
  • Fits trailer hitches with a 2" x 2" receiver tube opening
  • Equipped with 1-1/4" hole to accept a trailer ball shank