A.R.E. CX Series Shell with Options and BedSlide

2011 Ford F150 4x4 Super Cab with A.R.E. CX Series shell or truck cap with solid Windoors on the drivers side (this one has a tool or storage area) and passenger side, This has the full rear door with the "man door" for animals or even people. Notice that it also opens up like a hatch. Included also is a Cargo Pro BedSlide (saves backs!). Look at the lines of the shell in how nicely it fits this truck.

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A.R.E. DCU Commercial Shell with Options On Ford F150

On this F150 regular cab with the 8' bed, we have installed the A.R.E. DCU Commercial Shell or Truck Cap with solid lift up doors on the side with integrated compartments. This unit has a rear barn door style option (there are several ways to go on the rear) where the tailgate is removed. The inside doors on the rear have been lined with aluminum sheet. Six interior lights with one switch. Notice also the great looking and heavy duty aluminum rack integrated into the shell.

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Vaca Valley Truck & SUV, 1240 Callen St, Vacaville CA 95688.


Nissan NV Van Aftermarket Interior Modifications

Here is an NV Van Hi-Roof with a custom diamond plate floor with marine grade subflooring and splash panels all sealed to be able to clean out with water. In addition this has a bulkhead and a ProAir rear air conditioning system.

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Precision Grilles

This video is a quick summary of what we do, and how we do things at Precision Grilles® http://www.precisiongrilles.com/


SMI Braking Systems

SMI braking systems are truly unique. Both systems utilize the towed vehicle's power brakes, allowing for soft, effective braking. With the use of Dual-Signal Activation, the Stay-IN-Play DUO braking system CANNOT activate when you don't want it to, even down a grade; and with the Air Force One, you get true "mirrored" braking. The movement of the coach's brake pedal is identically reproduced in the towed vehicle; progressive and directly proportionate braking effort. Best of all, it's all automatic! Both models include coach notification, so you always know exactly how and when your brake is performing.

  • #1 system for diesel motor homes
  • Exclusively approved air tap method
  • Power brakes of towed active
  • Truly 100% directly proportional and progressive
  • Coach and towed protection in breakaway
  • "Zero" tow ready setup time
  • No moving parts
  • Five-Year warranty

  • Exculsive deal-signal activation
  • Steep grades CANNOT activate system
  • True progressive braking
  • Coach notification
  • Breakaway system
  • "Zero" tow ready setup time
  • Five-year warranty
  • The last system you will ever buy
See more about these great products at http://www.smibrake.net/. Give Kevin a call and he can answer your questions as well. 707-447-9905.


Rack-it and SureFit Rack Accessories

Gary Kank of Rack-it Truck Racks, shows off a truck with most of the options that Rack-it and SureFit Racks sells. These include the water jug holder, rack holder, rack straps, window protector, load locks/dividers, cross bar and more.

This presentation was done at a Nor Cal Ford Truck Club event held at the Woodbridge Country Club in Woodbridge CA next to Lodi. See more about the Nor Cal Ford Truck Club at http://www.norcalfordtruckclub.com/.

See more from Rack-it Truck Racks at www.rackitinc.com and SureFit Truck Racks at http://www.surefitracks.com/.


User video of WARN XT17 Portable winch pulling motorcycle at Moab

This user-submitted video showcases the WARN XT17 Portable Winch pulling out a Kawasaki motorcycle from a "Hot Tub" in Moab, Utah. Filming was done by Bill Dragoo, writer for Adventure Rider Magazine, and member of the 2010 BMW GS Trophy Team.


Truxedo Deuce

The Truxedo Deuce features:

Quick Cargo Access Easily reach cargo using the front hinged section, or roll up completely.

Front Release Latch Front hinged section allows for easy access to toolboxes and cargo at the front of the bed.

Automatic Tension Control Built into hinge and self-adjusts to keep the cover tight in fluctuating temperatures. 

Great Combination Only cover with front of bed entry, plus rolls completely open to haul large items.

Sleek, Low Profile Appearance Sits lower than 3/4" above the truck bed. Improves the appearance of any truck.


Another WARN PullzAll application: Tree Removal

http://www.warn.com/utility/pullzall/cordless.shtml The WARN PullzAll has hundreds of great uses. Here's one of them: Removing a tree. The PullzAll easily pulls out this small pine tree with much less work than if you'd just used a shovel and other manual tool. The WARN PullzAll lets you get more done in less time.


World's Greatest Hitch Manufacturer - CURT Manufacturing LLC

CURT has been recognized by the World's Greatest television show as the world's greatest hitch manufacturer. We are truly honored to receive this recognition. Here are some of the things that they had to say about us... "What makes CURT the World's Greatest? Relentless customer focus, leading edge technology, unsurpassed order fill rates, high quality high durability products, and dedicated, passionate employees with the will to win."