5 Benefits of Soft Pickup Truck Bed Covers

Pickup truck bed covers offer security for cargo in several ways. In addition the covers also enhance the look of a truck. Though several types of covers compete with the soft covers, the soft tonneau offers certain advantages that make it a top choice. Here are 5 of the several reasons to get a soft cover for your pickup truck.

1. Easy Access To Anywhere In The Bed

Soft covers come in roll up, fold up and tilt models. But most popular is the typical roll up version. With that style you just roll the cover forward and then the cover is stored as a roll to the front of the bed. Then you have easy access to anything in the bed just as if the cover wasn't there at all.

2. Installation Ease

With soft covers you get a frame and then the heavy vinyl cover that attaches to that frame. For virtually all covers, the frame doesn't bolt on, it clamps on instead. That way attachment just takes minutes to fir the frame in place and clamp it to the side rails of the bed. There is no complicated set-up and no heavy pieces to deal with at all.

3. Sealing Tricks To Watch

No tonneau covers is water-tight but many are quite weather resistant. That also means that the covers work well to keep out dirt and prying eyes as well. Covers include seal systems at the front and back of the bed and also at the sides. The side seals may be of several types. One popular style is the hook and loop method. With this style, it easy to get and keep a tight fit so you get a trampoline sort of fit of the cover to the bed.

4. High Cargo Fits

Maybe you haven't noticed, but some tonneaus will not work with tall cargo. For example a tilting lid will not close on anything that extends higher than the bed sides. That means if you haul a lawn mower the lid must stay up. That's not very practical. On the other hand, soft covers of the roll up sort just move right out of the way so you can haul whatever you want to whenever you want to haul it.

5. The Price Is Right

Some of the basic truck covers cost so very little. Not all soft tonneaus are the lowest price choice but you do have many very inexpensive models to consider. When you consider that many soft bed covers cost half of what typical hard covers sell for you can see the potential for a good deal. Compared to a premium retractable truck bed cover, the soft models will only cost about one-fourth as much.

The overriding advantage of soft pickup truck bed covers is the lower price compared to other styles. Other benefits include easy bed access, easy installation, ability to handle high cargo as well as the superior sealing. A soft cover works well to protect cargo and protect the truck bed all at a quite low price tag.

Pickup truck covers protect cargo as well as preserving your bed paint and bed liner too, if you have one.
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