Custom Truck Wheels

Look around and you will see an increase in custom wheels used on trucks today. Less than 20 years ago trucks were just cargo hauling vehicles. In the early 1900s trucks were used primarily for local wholesale and retail deliveries. Today when we talk about trucks we are talking about light trucks. Light trucks include pickup trucks, minivans and full-size vans, and sport utility vehicles. Twenty five percent or more of all new vehicles sold are light trucks.

There is an huge amount of accessories that allow pickup truck owners to convert their weekday work horse to comfortable, efficient and enjoyable transportation. Accessories like lowering kits, lift kits, tonneau covers and custom wheels. Most of these accessories don't have to be practical, people just want to modify a truck to suit their life styles.

Custom Truck Wheels are one of the best accessories you can buy when it comes to improving your ride. It's important to make the right choice for your light truck custom wheel needs. Weather you own a regular cab, extended cab, 4X4 or 2X4 Chevy, Ford or Dodge truck, custom wheels can have a big impact on performance.

Shop on line and get the best price. Save even more on wheel and tire packages and have them shipped to your front door ready to install. On line merchants always know which custom rims will fit best. Find truck rims ranging from 15 inches to 26 inches. If you have a 4X4 they make them even bigger. Look for wheels on line marked RWD for rear wheel drive.

If you have been thinking of restyling your truck lately, start with custom truck wheels. Replacing your wheels will make your truck look sportier while enhancing handling and ride quality when matched up with a new set of tires. We recommend Alcoa wheels, American Racing and Weld wheels for that eye catching look. These manufactures have been stealing the hearts of truck lovers everywhere for years.

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