Popular 4x4 Truck Accessories

4x4 pickup trucks, also called off road trucks, have become quite popular. In these vehicles, the engine transmits torque to all the four wheels simultaneously. You have the option to switch between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive.

For transporting cargo on the paved road you can choose 2-wheel drive, while driving through tough terrains you can opt for 4-wheel drive.

Thus making the 4x4 pickup truck an extremely powerful and useful vehicle. The usefulness of the truck can be further increased by accessorizing it appropriately.

A wide assortment of 4x4 truck accessories is available in the automobile market. Let's take a look at a few popular ones.

Tonneau cover- This is one of the most important 4x4 truck accessories. A bed cover not only keeps your cargo well-organized, but also protects it from the elements of nature and prowlers. Truck covers basically come in two types, hard tops and soft caps. While the former is more durable and cost-effective, the latter is lightweight, inexpensive and easy to install. Apart from the conventional bed covers, camper shells and truck tents are also available. These exquisite tonneaus can greatly enhance the looks, value and efficacy of your 4x4 pickup truck.

Bed mats- 4x4 trucks are meant for carrying lightweight cargo only. However, such a payload can also cause damage to your truck bed. The best way to protect the bed from scratches, dents and rust is to install rubber bed mats. Other types of bed liners like spray-on liner, hybrid bed cover and herculiner, can also be used, but they are not as effective as rubber mats. Truck bed mats made of rubber are tough, thick, resilient and low-priced. Moreover, they can be easily be installed, replaced and maintained.

Hitch- If you regularly tow items like boats, livestock trailers, then a hitch is an essential 4x4 truck accessory for you. Hitches can be divided into two distinct categories, weight-carrying and weight-distributing. The former is more suitable for towing small to medium sized payloads. The latter is appropriate for bigger loads.

Bug shields-These are unique 4x4 truck accessories that can make your pickup truck look more stylish and modern. They are made up of unbreakable polymer and are used to provide protection to windshield, hoods and fenders.

Lift> kit- This accessory is primarily used to lift either the body or suspension and give the 4x4 truck a better look. There are two types of lift kits; suspension lift kit and body lift kit. Suspension lift kit raises the suspension of the truck and makes space for the installation of taller tires. Body lift kit, on the other hand, simply lifts the body and adds to the height of the wheel wells.

Wiper blades- These 4x4 truck accessories do not enhance the beauty of your pickup truck, but they do make your vehicle safe by improving the visibility. It is advisable to opt for silicon wiper blades because they are durable and inexpensive.

Some more useful 4x4 truck accessories are GPS navigation device, custom wheels, vent visor, rack system, snow plow, and storage box. You can embellish your vehicle with any one of them depending upon your budget and requirements.

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