A Truck Towing A Trailer Towing A Jeep - A Long Haul

Kevin Snedeker of Vaca Valley Truck and SUV shows us a job they recently did for a client who has a crew cab 4x4 pickup with an 8' bed (most are 6.5'), to that he has a 23' travel trailer and to that he attaches a jeep! Whew! That's a lot of towing!

Vaca Valley Truck installed 5,000 lb Air Ride Air Bags in the rear suspension of the pickup to help stabilize the load they are carrying. In addition they installed a Rampage front bumper, Draw-Tite hitch, an 8,000 lb Smittybilt winch, wiring and more. It was an interesting project and the most unusual part is the jeep being towed by a trailer.

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