The Undercover Truck Bed Cover

Pickup truck owners across the country are giving big thumbs up to the Undercover Classic bed cover.

The Classic's custom fitted design follows the lines of your pickup trucks bed perfectly for an attractive and precise fit.

The durable scratch resistant finish holds up well to harsh abuse. Unlike similar fiberglass covers, which are prone to scuffs and scratches, the Undercover has a textured finish that not only resists abuse but also matches the finish of your mirrors, door handles, tailgate handles and tailgate protectors.

The cover comes equipped with durable rubber bulb type seals on the bottom of the cover and a rubber flap at the front of the cover. With the high quality seals and the fact that the cover pretty much wraps over your bed you should have a pretty water tight bed. Installation of this cover can be accomplished by just about anyone who can turn a wrench.

The installation instructions are first rate and show you the proper procedure through the use of text and drawings which is very helpful.

The folks at Undercover have made the installation a clamp on affair, no drilling is required.

Simply clamp the four sub frames to the side of the bed with the provided clamps paying particular attention to the measurements outlined in the installation manual. Once that is accomplished have someone assist you with lifting the cover onto the truck. Because the cover only weighs 50 to 60 pounds your back won't feel it. Attach the hinge mounting hardware and snap on the quick release gas props and except for some fine adjustments you're done!

The Undercover also includes a convenient pull strap to assist in closing the cover as well as a pretty neat l.e.d. interior light that will illuminate the entire bed. Two locks are standard equipment on the cover and keys are included at no extra charge. Undercover even supplies two wall hooks in the package that allows for safe storage of the cover when it's not on your truck.

The Undercover Classic on a red Dodge Ram

Undercover Classic Truck Cover

THE GOOD: Wow, They've nailed down just about feature that you could want in a lid style cover.

THE BAD: Well, we're nit picking but maybe it would be nice if the locks were a little more robust although they suffice.

THE UGLY: Nothing here. This is a great cover back by a great company!

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