Guide to Hitch Shop for a Fifth Wheel Trailer

The truck you use for towing will determine what hitch to buy for your fifth wheel trailer. It's more comfortable to tow a trailer when you have the right kind of hitch. Manufacturers have different styles for different hitches but some basic functions are available. They rate different hitches for specific gross vehicle weight rating. You have to take different considerations when choosing a hitch. These include the road and type of truck you are driving.

1. When you need to tow using a short bed truck, a sliding hitch would be the best option. The sliding hitch when pulling is placed in the forward position and mounted over the axle's rear. When backing the trailer, it gets slid back to a rearmost position. When the hitch is slid back, it prevents the trailer's nose from hitting the truck cab when turning sharply. This is due to the shortness of the truck bed.

2. Purchase a gooseneck adaptable hitch in case you are towing a gooseneck trailer. A gooseneck trailer is primarily used to haul stock. A companion hitch is attached to the gooseneck hitch ball. The hitch can be attached and detached when not in use. This is because a fifth wheel hitch has external bars that mount it and place it in the truck's bed. The bars will remain there whether the it is in use or not.

3. If you intend to only use the truck for towing the trailer, you can use standard fifth wheel hitches. The trailer should have long turning radius hence the need for a long bed truck. You can also mount the hitch without the bed if it will not be of use. Attach the hitch to the two bars that have been mounted permanently in the truck bed. You can remove it when not in use but not the bars.

4. If the road you are to tow your fifth wheel trailer is bumpy or rocky, use an air ride hitch. The air ride hitch smoothens out the ride by providing an air shock. This will reduce stress to the hitch and truck and also the pressure on your vehicle. It's a bit expensive, but makes towing so much easier. You mount it just like a standard hitch on a long bed truck.

Make sure you get the best price for your hitch too. To make sure you get variety in style and types, visit different stores. You can also decide to go for a weight distribution hitch that will evenly distribute the trailer's weight. To make towing a happy experience make sure your trailer is balanced and that the hitches are adjusted correctly.

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