Retractable Tonneau Covers or Roll Top Covers

There are a number of retractable tonneau covers available on the market. These covers are also known as roll top truck bed covers. Many pickup truck owners love this type of cover because they fit the needs of their everyday demands. The overall design of the retractable tonneau covers are quite unique to which you would probably agree to if you have seen one.

They have pretty much the same appearance by the way they are constructed. They have two rails that are installed just inside of the truck bed sides that the cover operates in. There is a canister that stretches across the truck bed just behind the cab. It is situated so that it is pretty much flat with the cover for a nice sleek look. The cover rolls up inside the canister to open and out of the canister to close.

Most of these covers are made out of slats of aluminum or vinyl or both which hinge together to be able to roll up. It always reminds me of a roll top desk. Most of the retractable tonneau covers stop pretty much where you want them to, rather than having to open or close it all the way. Water flows off the cover and into the side rails, which act sort of like a gutter and channels the water toward the rear and away. There are usually drain hoses that attach to the canister and down through plug holes in your truck box. This takes away any water that goes down into the canister.

There are retractable tonneau covers that are manual but there are also some models that are electric and open and close with a remote control. Some of these electric models are known as the Bedlocker by Pace Edwards, the PowertraxOne by Retrax and Roll N Lock E series by Roll N Lock. These are all great roll top covers and you would be pleased with any of them. Some of the leading models of the manual covers are the rollback by Bak, the jackrabbit, full metal jackrabbit and roll top by Pace Edwards, the Roll N Lock M series by Roll N Lock, the retraxone and retraxpro by Retrax, the american roll and the American work cover by Truck covers USA which is a retractable tonneau cover with a tool box.

These roll top covers have the advantage of fast and easy access to your truck bed as well as giving you the ability to use most of your cargo area without having to remove the cover. They lock to keep your cargo safe from thieves. You can drive with them open to pretty much any position you wish. This is not a function that many tonneau covers have.

If you are familiar with this type of cover you know that they look great. Many pickup truck owners already have these covers on their truck and are quite pleased with the look, the operation and the advantages that the retractable tonneau covers provide, also known as roll top covers.

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