Tonneau Covers - One of the Must Have Truck Accessories!

If you are one of those people who drive a truck, it is very important that you have a tonneau cover. You may be wondering "So, what is so great about tonneau covers anyway?" These covers is a truck accessory that provides you with a very organized storage for the things that you transport from point A to point B; unless of course you are a Messy-Bessy, you will find a disorganized truck a real pleasure.

This particular truck accessory also provides adequate coverage from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and damaging effects of too much sunlight.

Pick-up trucks have a bed that is used in order to transport goods. When the items you wish to transport are placed on the bed, they will be at the mercy of the sun, rain or snow. Tonneau covers will provide covering for those items being transported with your truck. These covers are different for truck accessories such as camper shells, which are designed to turn the truck bed into a sort of camp compartment.

The name "tonneau" is a French word which simply means "back seat compartment of a car". Although, your truck bed is not exactly a seating compartment, but the term is still suitable. There are times when the word tonneau is spelt as "tonno"; but the former spelling is still pretty much used when talking about this particular accessory.

There are many truck accessories on the market, but when there is a need for you to transport items from heavy furniture to groceries, the tonneau cover will be very useful. The cover will protect your transported items from the weather, curious eyes and from damage. Do you know that these very simple-looking covers can actually help you protect your items? When these covers are placed carefully and strategically, they can protect your items from the damaging effects of moisture when it rains. With this equipment, truck owners can have that little peace of mind when they are transporting items that are sensitive to moisture and dust.

Tonneau covers also provide some level of security when transporting certain items; because if you cannot see it, you will not even think about stealing it! Because a tonneau cover hides your goods from sight, people with "sticky fingers" would most likely pass over your vehicle when they are considering which truck to steal from....hmm should they pick the truck with the beautiful antique furniture and fancy designer baggage or the one that is covered and only God-knows-what-is-underneath-it? Everyone knows the answer to that easy question!

These great truck accessories also come in different models with added security such as alarms, designs and locks that will make stealing very hard.

The various tonneau styles are:

* Hard tonneau
* Heavy Duty Soft Tonneau
* Toolbox Tonneau
* Retractable Tonneau

Another great thing about tonneau covers is that it helps save gas - yippee skipee! This is because a closed air truck bed will lower air resistance. Reduced drag simply means that you will be driving a lot faster without burning up all your gas - vroom-vroom!

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