TruXedo TruXport Features and Benefits Video

TruXedo TruXport: A Quality Roll-Up at a Snap Cover Price

The TruXport is a smooth looking, top-mount, roll-up cover with quality features at an economical price. The TruXport is easy to operate with pre-set tension control and bows that conveniently roll up within the cover.

Great Looks: Straight bows roll up with the cover and provide a smooth, flat look when closed.

Works Great in All Climates: Industrial-strength hook-and-loop system provides continuous contact between the rails and cover. Easy to fasten even in freezing temperatures.

Fast Installation: Easy, no-drill clamps allow for a simple installation in less than 20 minutes.

Pre-Set Tension Control: Tension control is conveniently integrated within the latching system to keep the cover tight in any climate.