The Benefits of an Extang Encore Tonneau Cover

Some of the benefits of the Encore truck bed cover by extang include the fact that it is a folding cover. That itself is a huge benefit. This type of tonno allows very quick and easy access to your cargo area. It is much faster access than a roll up can provide. Roll ups came a long way over the years in regards to sealing systems and the bows in many integrated into the tarp which made getting access to your truck bed much easier and quicker. They still cannot compare to the simplicity of a folding pickup bed cover.

Another benefit of the extang encore tonneau cover is that you are able to open the cover from the cab end as well as the tailgate end. This comes in handy when your cargo ends up near the cab of your truck under the cover. You can also install a cargo management system to hold smaller items such as tool boxes, fuel cans and more near the cab end for easy access. You can different types of cargo management systems that are very inexpensive. Some are made like a net and some are just an adjustable bar. I am sure if you did a search online you would find something to accommodate your needs.

A third advantage the encore bed cover has is the fact that it locks at bot ends. The lock near the cab can be made to accommodate your truck key. This makes life easy when you want to get at those items quickly and still keep them very secure. It just makes leaving your truck alone much easier with valuable tools or other cargo under the tonneau cover. You don't have to eat your dinner in your truck without having the worry of them items being missing when you get back.

We are not done yet. This folding cover happens to be a hard cover which provides much more security for your cargo. This along with the locking system provides you with a piece of mind that roll up covers cannot come close to. Although having a roll up cover keeps things out of sight, out of mind, it is very easy for someone to come along with a box cutter and easily get at those valuable items you have under the tonneau. You just can't get the piece of mind that a locking hard cover can provide.

The last benefit that I want to mention is the fact of how easy it is to remove the cover and put it back on again, even by yourself. In the event that you need a little extra room for a large cargo situation, no problem, just remove the cover and lay it in the back of the truck bed with the cargo if you are not at home. If you are at home, lay it in the garage or in the back yard until you get home. It only takes seconds to accomplish.

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