SwingCase-Swingout Tool Box for Trucks

The UnderCover SwingCase is the most innovative tool box & storage solution for trucks on the market today...And we've redesigned it to be better than ever.

 It's weather-proof, easy to use, and locks tight storing over 75 lbs of your truck beds contents safe and secure. Simple to install, and it has an effortless lift-off removal system if you need access to your entire bed. It works perfect with any UnderCover tonneau; as well as over 95% of other tonneaus on the market. Just pull the redesigned yellow handle and the SwingCase comes to you, allowing the user to access materials without having to step foot in the truck bed.

Built specifically for the driver and passenger sides, you can get both for less than the cost of a traditional toolbox. Installation takes about 5 minutes per side and everything you need is included. Best yet, your Undercover Swing Case truck bed storage boxes are backed by a 1-year warranty.