Superchips F5 Flashpaq Pro

The Flashpaq F5 Pro from Superchips takes our latest and greatest platform product and turns it into a vessel for loading custom tunes to your vehicle. Please note, this device does not come pre-loaded with any tunes. You can load up to 4 custom tunes from a dealer of your choice, using HP Tuners.

Get your vehicle running right for any aftermarket parts you’ve installed by getting HP Tuners custom tunes & an F5 Pro! Your vehicle’s tune is in now in your hands- find your favorite HP Tuners dealer and work with them to build the perfect tune for your setup. The device will read your vehicle’s stock program and prep it for upload to your favorite HPT dealer, it will also hold up to four (4) custom tunes in memory, perfect for switching tunes at the track without having to bring your laptop! You can also data log four (4) PIDs at once to the device’s memory and share the logs with your custom tuner for tune tweaks!