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CURT’s engineering and testing facility is located near Detroit and to some of the world’s largest automakers, including GM and Ford. This gives the CURT engineering team access to the newest vehicles, before they are available to the public, to make designing premium-quality, custom-fit towing products possible.

With all new hitch applications, the vehicle is brought in and assessed to identify the best location for the hitch to be mounted. CURT’s goal when designing a hitch is to provide a well-secured, concealed, minimally invasive design that is also easy to install.

While the vehicle is at the facility, CURT’s engineering team also analyzes the vehicle for required towing electrical. All electrical wiring components are identified, designed and tailored to the specific vehicle.

Complete with a prototype shop and full testing and validation equipment, the CURT engineering facility can take a product from concept to validated product ready for manufacturing.