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After watching a GoRVing commercial, Dan and Lisa Brown entertained the adventurous idea of permanent RV living. Now, five years later, they travel the country in their heavy-duty Ram truck, towing their full-time home behind them.

Always On Liberty began after Dan and Lisa retired from the U.S. Coast Guard to pursue their passion for RVing. They loved taking extended trips but always had to return home to care for their house and pets.

Finally, they decided to sell everything, pack up their cats and motorcycles and make RVing their full-time lifestyle. The name “Always On Liberty” came from their Coast Guard days. Time off was called “liberty.” Jealous of their ship comrades who always seemed to be on liberty, Dan and Lisa thought the name was a perfect fit for their new lifestyle – taking permanent time off: Always On Liberty.

Their RV home is a 41-foot 2016 Heartland Landmark Ashland 5th wheel that weighs roughly 18,000 pounds. It is completely self-contained and self-sustainable with solar panels and a clean water supply. To ensure quality and safety for the long-term, Dan and Lisa chose the CURT Q24 5th wheel hitch to tow their 5th wheel trailer.