Rebellion™ XD Cushion Hitch Review | Kustom Construction Testimonial

Pat Lee of Kustom Construction reviews the CURT Rebellion™ XD cushion hitch ball mount #45949. With ShockDrop™ technology, the Rebellion™ XD is designed to provide a more comfortable towing experience, improved driving control and increased longevity for your vehicle and equipment. “It’s a night-and-day difference,” Lee says.

Kustom Construction is a general contracting company based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Pat and his crew have used the Rebellion™ XD for about a month, on all their trailers – flatbed trailers, dump trailers, enclosed trailers and more. Pat discusses what makes this cushion hitch a “phenomenal product” and the advantages that it offers for regular, heavy-duty towing.

The Rebellion™ XD has a large cushion – an integrated isolator – so that when the trailer moves while towing, the truck doesn’t. This is the Rebellion™ XD’s ShockDrop™ technology. It provides a more comfortable ride, less strain on the tow vehicle and more control for the driver.

As a general contractor, the Kustom Construction crew hauls their tools, machinery, scrap materials and other heavy loads. The Rebellion™ XD offers a night-and-day difference for comfort, control and longevity, compared to a traditional ball mount hitch. “It’s almost like having air ride suspension without having it,” Lee says.

The Rebellion™ XD cushion hitch ball mount is great for lowered trucks and lifted trucks because it easily adjusts up or down as needed, leveling out the trailer and promoting a smooth ride.