Smooth Towing Around the Farm | Rebellion™ XD Cushion Hitch

The Rebellion™ XD cushion hitch ball mount #45949 adds comfort and control while towing around the farm or transporting your horses and livestock. It uses ShockDrop™ technology to dynamically resist jerking and jarring, providing a smoother, quieter ride.

Rebellion™ XD is perfect for farm life, featuring a heavy-duty design to handle the largest of tow loads. It is rated for 15,000 pounds gross trailer weight and is fully adjustable to ensure level towing with your pickup truck and heavy-duty trailer.

The highly tested polyurethane cushion isolator within the Rebellion™ XD suppresses chucking, vibrations and shock-loads coming from the trailer. Unlike a traditional metal-on-metal connection, this shock-absorbing hitch stops those nuisances at the coupling point to help increase comfort and control. It also promotes longevity for your truck’s towing system, brakes and suspension system.

Unlike other torsion hitch and cushion hitch options, the Rebellion™ XD is virtually maintenance-free. It doesn’t operate using an airbag or bearings. Instead the cushioned isolator is integrated and the design simple and intuitive. The hitch features a grease zerk fitting that can be used to apply grease whenever needed for easy, continuous lubrication. The burden of farm life lies on you to take care of your loved ones, property and livelihood. The CURT Rebellion™ XD cushion hitch ball mount is an investment in better care for the long haul.