How to Weigh Your Vehicle & Trailer | BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale

This video covers how to use the Weigh feature of the CURT BetterWeigh™ mobile towing scale. With this feature, you can get a live readout of the weight of your vehicle, trailer and gross combined weight (GCW) right on your smartphone.

The CURT BetterWeigh™ #51701 is a Bluetooth-enabled OBD2 device that wirelessly syncs with your smartphone to provide a variety of vehicle and trailer weights. This includes vehicle weight, GCW, payload, tongue weight and pin weight, as well as weight distribution setup and trailer brake gain.

To measure the vehicle’s weight with BetterWeigh™, start by choosing the weight range that best suits your vehicle-trailer setup. To set the range, tap the gear icon and select Weigh. Then, select a weight range.

Next, select the Weigh feature on the BetterWeigh™ app homescreen. Make sure your vehicle is on a level surface and that you have plenty of room to drive forward. Begin at a complete stop and accelerate forward to 15 miles per hour. It is important to drive in a straight line. BetterWeigh™ will calculate the vehicle’s weight. Also, every time you repeat this process, BetterWeigh™ will gather data to increase the accuracy of the reading.

To learn the weight of your trailer, follow the vehicle Weigh steps with the vehicle alone. Then, couple your trailer and repeat the process. Subtract the initial vehicle weight from the gross combined weight to get your trailer weight.

BetterWeigh™ is compatible with Apple and Android phones. Download the BetterWeigh™ app from Google Play or the App Store.