Return to Modified Feature Now Available For Jeep® JK & JL, DT (Ram)

Flashpaq, Flashpaq for Jeep®, Flashcal for Jeep® and Flashcal for Truck •|||||||•

Save Modifications - This option will be present after changing user adjustable options in device (ie. tire size, etc.)

Return Modifications - This option will be present whenever the vehicle is stock and will write ‘Saved Modifications’ back to the vehicle.

Body Control Module (BCM)/ Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) Factory Reset - This option will allow the user to replace the original BCM configuration present prior to adding any mods (previously only available from dealer).

Included in this feature release are the following bug fixes that we have verified targeting customers in the field: • Fix for halo light upgrade
• Fix for low beam dropout after upgrading to LED headlight
• Fix for turn signal hyperflash after upgrading to LED turn signals