Rambler™ Tow Bar Features & Benefits

Next destination: adventure! Check out the exciting features of the CURT Rambler™ steel tow bar #70001. This highly engineered tow bar is designed for ease-of-use, convenient portability and reliable flat towing of your vehicle. The Rambler™ tow bar features non-binding latches that allow it to be easily disconnected without the arms locking up, even at different angles. This makes uncoupling your dinghy vehicle stress-free. Rambler™ also has automatic, hands-free locks to ensure a secure connection. The arms have an extended length to increase the hookup radius, and they are equipped with active slide resistance. The arms won’t slide out uncontrolled, protecting your vehicle or RV from potential damage. For stowing convenience and hassle-free integration with your motorhome, the Rambler™ features three unique stowing positions. The arms can be folded to the right, to the left or folded apart, allowing you to easily avoid a rear spare tire or other obstructions. Rated for 7,500 pounds, the CURT Rambler™ tow bar offers safe, dependable dinghy towing with a variety of vehicles. Even with its exceptional rating and full-steel construction, the unit weighs less than 40 pounds, making it easy to handle, carry, install and transport. To learn more about the CURT Rambler™ tow bar, please visit www.curtmfg.com/towbars Rambler™ features and benefits - Non-binding latches for easy release on uneven ground - Automatic, hands-free locking mechanism ensures you are ready to tow - Extended arm length for extra hookup radius and clearance - Weighs less than 40 pounds for easy handling and setup - Rigorous physical testing for proven safety and performance - Three stowing positions to avoid obstructions and maximize versatility - Active slide resistance provides enhanced control when extending the arms - Polymer isolator washers reduce friction for smooth, anti-rattle operation - Fully sealed design and rubber sleeves protect against dirt and debris - Premium textured black finish for lasting corrosion and wear resistance - High-strength steel construction - Rated for 7,500 lbs. gross towed vehicle weight - Standard shank fits 2” x 2” trailer hitch receiver tubes - Two hitch pin holes for adjustable length and added clearance as needed - Includes tow bar, safety cables, hitch pin and clip - Compatible with CURT or Blue Ox base plates (sold separately)