CURT Roof Rack Kayak Holders | Features & Benefits

This video shows the features and benefits of CURT roof rack kayak holders. The CURT kayak roof rack is highly adjustable, easy to install, corrosion-resistant and universal to fit most roof rack crossbars.

This kayak carrier is comprised of two roof kayak holders, each with fully rotating arms that incrementally adjust to fit virtually any size kayak or paddleboard. The arms can be precisely positioned to ensure a snug fit against the kayak, and they can just as easily be adjusted, using the quick-release, rotating levers.

For full security, each of the kayak carriers comes with an auxiliary strap to fasten down the kayak or paddleboard during travel. The rotating arms are equipped with foam pads to protect the kayak from scratches and scrapes.

The CURT kayak roof rack is fast and easy to install as needed on the vehicle rooftop without any tools required. It features simple T-nuts that easily tighten the kayak carriers into place, and the mounting brackets are designed to be universal, allowing them to fit onto most roof rack base rails.

The brackets comprising the CURT kayak carrier are constructed from lightweight, rust-free aluminum. The aluminum is powder-coated for maximum corrosion resistance, and the tubular profile supplies the kayak rack with ample strength while remaining lightweight. This kayak roof rack is rated to hold 75 pounds.