Friday, March 25, 2011

Introducing SMI SmartBox Braking Control

SMI braking systems are truly unique. Both systems utilize the towed vehicle's power brakes, allowing for soft, effective braking. With the use of Dual-Signal Activation, the Stay-IN-Play DUO braking system CANNOT activate when you don't want it to, even down a grade; and with the Air Force One, you get true "mirrored" braking. The movement of the coach's brake pedal is identically reproduced in the towed vehicle; progressive and directly proportionate braking effort. Best of all, it's all automatic! Both models include coach notification, so you always know exactly how and when your brake is performing.

  • #1 system for diesel motor homes
  • Exclusively approved air tap method
  • Power brakes of towed active
  • Truly 100% directly proportional and progressive
  • Coach and towed protection in breakaway
  • "Zero" tow ready setup time
  • No moving parts
  • Five-Year warranty

  • Exculsive deal-signal activation
  • Steep grades CANNOT activate system
  • True progressive braking
  • Coach notification
  • Breakaway system
  • "Zero" tow ready setup time
  • Five-year warranty
  • The last system you will ever buy
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