Onki's Latest: Volcano Running Boards

It has taken a little bit of time but time well worth the wait. Onki is proud to introduce the latest in its running board lines, the all-new: Onki VOLCANO.

The Onki VOLCANO was conceived to be a price point model using lightly textured black powder coated mild steel as the main material with a 3 inch half tube on the leading edge for the traditional nerf tube look with the safety of a full step board. One can say that the Onki VOLCANO is the budget version of our top-selling Onki Nerf Board model, this time with a trapezoidal end cut.

The design and name of the Onki VOLCANO were inspired by the numerous volcanoes and lava flows found in Hawaii. The multiple traction holes strategically laid out on the 6 ½" wide top step of the board look like miniature volcanoes. The openings provide an engineered traction design on the metal sheet itself for basic safety. Additional traction comes from the replaceable black/orange rubber pads that also give the boards a more finished look. The Onki VOLCANO will be initially available in 7 lengths: 100”, 88”, 78”, 68”, 55”, 37”, and 21”. As has been our practice, all Onki VOLCANO running board sets come with our universal bracket kit.

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