Auto-Locking Pintle Hitches | SecureLatch™ Series

CURT SecureLatch™ pintle hitches are unlike any other pintle hitches available because of their auto-locking mechanism. To couple your trailer, just Strike. Drop. Auto-lock!

Each SecureLatch™ pintle hook and ball and pintle combo is equipped with an auto-locking lever that automatically engages as you drop the lunette ring into place. To connect your trailer, simply back up, drop the lunette ring down and the auto-locking lever activates without manual coupling required. Just insert the secondary safety pin.

SecureLatch™ pintle hitch products also have a number of other innovative features, including slotted adjustment holes on the pintle plates for one-wrench height adjustment and leveling. SecureLatch™ also features an integrated back plate, a cupped hook shape for reduced rattle while towing, a built-in locking pin for lunette ring security and safety chain hangers to prevent dragging.

The SecureLatch™ pintle hitch series includes receiver-mount options and pintle plate-mounted options of pintle hooks and ball and pintle combinations. There are also pintle mounts and adjustable lunette rings.

Additional SecureLatch™ features:

• Cupped hook tightly holds lunette ring fore and aft to reduce chucking and noise
• Slotted pintle mount bolt plate provides max adjustability, instead of fixed height positions
• Quick, easy, one-tool height adjustments on pintle mounts – no disassembly required
• Lunette ring features offset base mount for maximum vertical adjustment
• Drop-in lunette ring pin accepts lock to deter theft and turns 90 degrees while coupled
• Integrated, intermediate safety chain hangers keep chains off the ground
• Textured, dark grey teridium finish for a premium look on your vehicle