First-of-Its-Kind Cushion Hitch Ball | RockerBall™

The CURT RockerBall™ cushion hitch ball is a first-of-its-kind trailer ball, designed to retrofit onto an existing ball mount and provide more comfortable, controlled, confident towing.

RockerBall™ features our innovative ShockDrop™ technology. Using an integrated cushioned isolator, it dynamically reacts to jerking and jarring from the trailer at the coupling point. Instead of transferring every bump and variation in the road directly into your vehicle, RockerBall™ helps stop the rattling, vibrations, strain and noise.

Best of all, RockerBall™ is simple and virtually maintenance-free. It has a built-in grease zerk fitting for continuous lubrication and is highly tested for longevity. No airbags or bearings to service!

The RockerBall™ cushion hitch trailer ball fits onto most class 3 ball mounts and ball mounts with a 2-1/2” wide tongue. The ball is available in multiple capacities and standard ball diameters to perfectly fit your towing setup.